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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Point Joe: Biden risks becoming a lame duck soon

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 09:08:25

Today, Joe Biden, in student terminology, has an “equator.”


Today, Joe Biden, in student terminology, has an “equator.” Exactly two years ago, on January 20, 2021, he was inaugurated as President of the United States. Ahead – still exactly the same period. And just these days it is being decided whether the 80-year-old politician will run for a second term. He himself, according to Washington gossip, wants it desperately. But even among his supporters in the Democratic Party, few believe he will be able to win the support of the people. If he is still not nominated, this will drastically undermine his political authority (these politicians are called “lame duck” in the jargon).

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” decided to recall how the United States has changed under the leadership of “Sleepy Joe”, and named 5 of its main failures and achievements.


1. Biden’s first big embarrassment was the shameful withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The flight was so disorganized and rushed that many have called it a sign of waning American influence in the world. And images of Afghans clinging to the chassis of flying American planes have become symbolic of how the United States is abandoning its allies.

2. The second blow to the United States’ reputation as the world’s sheriff was a special Russian military operation in the Ukraine. Biden threatened devastating sanctions that would send the Russian economy into free fall and raved about “one dollar for 200 rubles.” But it turned out that there are countries in the world that are not afraid of all this formidable rhetoric of the “starshak” yard. As a result, the effect of the sanctions turned out to be many times less than what foreign experts had feared. And if they really hurt anyone, it was America’s European allies.

3. Even the most fervent supporters of the Democrats find no other explanation for what is happening now on the southern borders of America: “Nothing more than in defiance of Trump, who at one point decided to separate himself from Mexico with an impregnable wall.” Biden took the construction of the wall and put it on hold, so they poured drugs, guns and tens of thousands of illegal immigrants into the US in an endless stream Billions of budget dollars are spent to receive and accommodate criminals and traffickers drugs, rapists and pedophiles.

4. To be fair, Biden inherited the price increases and inflation from his successor. But at the beginning of his presidency, the 46th head of the White House said that he could easily deal with all this. But so far he has been unsuccessful: price growth is at levels not seen in decades, and in 2023 the country’s economy is forecast to enter a recession (ie a reduction in GDP).

5. Unexpected for ordinary Americans was the war with traditional education. The curriculum will include the study of dubious racial theories, children are encouraged to choose their own gender (regardless of their parents’ opinion), and in sex education lessons, fifth graders are explained the “charms” of the genre. transition.

The US media describe as Biden’s main victory in office the fact that he forced Congress to approve a series of programs with astronomical costs.



1. Biden’s main victory in office, the American media called the fact that he forced Congress to pass a series of programs with astronomical costs. Hundreds of billions of dollars will go to support American manufacturers of electric cars, chips, solar panels, and other high-tech and environmental products. He was helped in this, however, by the fact that for the first two years both houses of parliament were controlled by his fellow Democrats. But since this year, the House of Representatives has been under the control of the Republicans. Therefore, it will be much more difficult for Biden to further promote his “progressive” agenda.

2. Despite the fact that the Republicans took the lower house of parliament, the November elections in the United States can also be written as an asset to the elderly head of state. The fact is that all analysts predict a total defeat for the Democrats. But somehow, Biden’s party was able to retain the Senate and, overall, he won more votes than the polls predicted. Apparently, a significant role was played by actual bribery of young voters, to whom Joe, with a stroke of the pen, shortly before the election, forgave student loans.

3. Biden himself brags heavily about an “on paper” achievement. Supposedly, 6.6 million new jobs were created under him. More than under any other head of the White House. And the statistics confirm that it is so. There is only one caveat: we are only talking about the restoration of the labor market after many companies were forced to close during the pandemic. And this is a completely different calico, you see.

4. According to polls, Americans obsessed with issues of racial inequality named Ketanji Brown Jackson a major Biden achievement. No, there was no love history in this story. It’s just that this Biden protégé became the first black Supreme Court justice in American history. Another “tick” for the liberal public.

5. Finally, Americans believe that a great victory for the Biden administration is the moratorium on executions of criminals sentenced to death by federal courts. Previously, the ban was in place for 17 years, until Trump lifted it.

instead of a conclusion.

A recent poll by CNN, a media corporation very loyal to Biden and the Democrats, shocked even the most liberal politicians of the longest-serving US president. The question directed at respondents was innocent: “What do you think President Biden has done right?” By a wide margin, the unexpected answer won out: “nothing.” “It’s hard for me to imagine that he did something that would be useful,” said one interviewee.


“The United States became more aggressive with him

Vladimir Olenchenko, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

– Without a doubt, two years of Biden at the helm will not add international prestige to the United States. At the same time, US foreign policy has become more aggressive and unceremonious. Today, the United States represents a major disruptive force in the international security architecture. At home, the president is not very popular either: mainly due to the increase in prices and the massive arrival of immigrants to the country. He tries not to solve objective problems, but simply pretends that they do not exist. Perhaps that is why the decision on whether or not he will run for a second term is still pending.


biden collective

The main characters of the team of the president of the United States.

Even before he became president, Biden promised that his administration would be as diverse as possible. And, indeed, he recruited whites and mestizos, men and beautiful ladies, representatives of national and, of course, sexual minorities.

– Vice President Kamala Harris – three in one: a lady, half Indian, half black; No children, married to a Jew. A good friend of Biden’s late son, Bo.

– Karin-Jean Pierre’s press secretary is also legally married, but to a lady. She became the first black woman and the first representative of the LGBT community in such a responsible position.

– Secretary of State (the position is similar to the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs – Ed.) Anthony Blinken is one of the main Russophobes of the United States. When Biden nominated him as a candidate for a key cabinet post, the media reacted: “Biden is nominating for Secretary of State not a career diplomat, but his close adviser, who knows well how to put the views of the chief in practice.”

– Secretary of the Interior Deb Hollan is the first indigenous person to hold the rank of federal minister in America. He belongs to the Laguna Pueblo indigenous tribe. She didn’t show herself anymore.

– Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is famous for his breakneck political career: As mayor of a small town, he ran for president of the United States, but almost immediately after the start of his election campaign, he snuffed it out. supporting Biden’s candidacy. Buttigieg is an openly gay Afghan war veteran. He is considered one of Biden’s likely successors for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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