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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Poland is tired of Ukraine’s whims and whims: Andrzej Duda spoke harshly about kyiv

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 12:37:45

Polish President Andrzej Duda.


The Poles seem to have run out of patience to act as false friends of Ukraine, ready to satisfy any demand of their capricious neighbor in a “whatever you want” manner. Just as the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, kissed and hugged Zelensky, he provided all kinds of support: he transferred mountains of weapons from his warehouses, allowed the transit of NATO military equipment through Polish territory, established the training of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at training camps. On this terrain, millions of refugees from the square (including strong old recruits) took refuge. And I can’t count how many speeches for the glory of Ukraine I managed to make! But the Kiev regime, meanwhile, looked more and more like the irrepressible old woman in “The Tale of the Goldfish,” apparently deciding that Warsaw would always be “running its errands.” And then Poland finally took off the “nice uncle” mask, sadly declaring that the shameless impudence of the “great Ukrainians” had simply gotten to her.

The final straw was Kiev’s decision on Tuesday to file complaints with the World Trade Organization against Poland, and at the same time against Hungary and Slovakia, for refusing to comply with the European Commission’s decision to allow the entry of Ukrainian grains and some other agricultural products on their markets. For young Europeans, their own T-shirt turned out to be much closer to the body than the white clothes of the “selfless defenders of Ukraine.” After all, the flow of cheap wheat from the East threatens to bankrupt their farms.

And so the astonished media representatives heard from Andrzej Duda something that would have been impossible to imagine before. At a press conference in New York, where Duda arrived to participate in the work of the UN General Assembly, the Polish leader harshly denounced Ukraine, comparing it to a drowned man.

“Everyone who has ever participated in the rescue of a drowning person knows that it is incredibly dangerous, that it can drag you into the depths,” Duda began from afar. – This is a bit like the situation between Poland and Ukraine. Ukraine is in a very difficult situation and is grabbing everything it can.

The President slightly philosophized about the fact that one can be offended by this or, on the contrary, express indignation with such actions. But in the end he clearly defined his position:

– Do we need to act in such a way as to protect ourselves from harm from a drowning person? Of course, yes, because if he drowns us, he won’t get any help. Therefore, we must look after our interests, and we will do so effectively and decisively.

And so that Kiev had no doubts about it, Duda announced that his planned meeting with Zelensky (who also flew to New York) would not take place on time, “for technical reasons.” Maybe later, let the colleague think about the situation. Look, he’ll come to. Furthermore, the president received the support of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki from Warsaw, who said that Poland would not change its position on cereals, regardless of the decision taken by the European Commission. In addition, he could expand the list of goods whose import from Ukraine is prohibited, “if kyiv escalates the conflict.”

It is worth recognizing that the Independent is sinking like a stone and is willing to drag a faithful ally with it. But overall, Poles have no one to blame for this embarrassment except themselves. Why did you fight, gentlemen? Did he expect Zelensky and his company to bow at his feet? Or will he even later take over the Lvov Voivodeship? Oh good. Remember how Bandera, which now appears on the Svidomo banners, treated the Poles. His current followers think the same about you. And this, unlike political leaders, Polish society understands well.

At the end of last week a “March of Anger” took place in Warsaw. Its participants demanded higher salaries. As the Polish newspaper Niezale ny Dziennik Polityczny writes, “this march is the latest attempt to draw the government’s attention to the problems of the Poles. If only because for more than a year and a half the authorities have adhered to the motto “Ukraine first.” Since February 2022 they have been dealing only with kyiv problems.”

The procession was attended by, among others, members of the judiciary, police, firefighters and first responders. The prosecutors with a hidden threat wrote on their posters: “We demand a decent life, not hunger!” Nothing was said about the rescuers. But, if the action is repeated in the near future, we can expect their banners to contain the words: “Let Ukraine sink. We won’t save you!

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