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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Police Lieutenant General Yuri Zhdanov – in an interview with RG: What threats to expect on the New Year holidays KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 29, 2024 Time: 20:48:29

Yury Nikolayevich, on the New Year and Christmas holidays, employees of law enforcement agencies, medical institutions and the Ministry of Emergency Situations are switching to an enhanced mode of service and duty. The reasons are clear: people leave their usual working hours, under the “accompaniment of alcohol” they lose vigilance, which is used by all sorts of villains. Also, clarify relationships in the family, with neighbors, casual acquaintances. But still, what exactly causes the most anxiety during these holidays?

Yuri Zhdanov: First, about what pleases. Debauchery in nightclubs, restaurants and street crime have decreased this year between 6 and 10%. I would like to believe that this trend will not change during the New Year holidays. But crime among migrant workers, on the contrary, has increased. This is mainly due to the change in the situation on the labor market. Remember the recent massacres near shopping malls, construction sites, in shelters.

What do the numbers say?

Yuri Zhdanov: In January-October 2022, foreigners committed 34 thousand crimes, 10.6% more than in the same period last year. Of these, 28 thousand crimes in 10 months were committed by migrants from the CIS countries. Growth – 16.4%. I think we should expect the traditional January figures of 3,300 crimes committed by them to rise by several thousand more.

In addition, during the holidays, the level of mercenary crime increases – theft and fraud using IT technologies.

Do you mean online shopping scam?

Yuri Zhdanov: Exactly. During the holidays, citizens make many purchases of products for the festive table, gifts, clothes, household appliances, gadgets, and are increasingly using online platforms. But this does not take into account the significantly higher level of computer knowledge of the scammers.

According to my forecasts, we should expect an increase in online crime in the range of 5-8%, that is, 40-45 thousand by January 2023.

And what dangers can lie in wait for children?

Yuri Zhdanov: Parental control is weakened during the holidays. Therefore, the number of attacks against minors on the Internet will increase. Children through online networks and instant messengers can be attacked with offers with sexual overtones, offering to participate in a “model contest”, recording popular videos for TikTok, for which you must send a nude photo. Or calls to experience “incredible high”, “easy win”, etc. engage in the consumption and trafficking of drugs. After all, one in eight (12.3%) online crimes using ICTs were committed for the purpose of illegally producing, selling or shipping drugs.

Police Lieutenant General Yury Zhdanov: According to my forecasts, we should expect an increase in online crime in the new year. Photo: Alexander Korolkov

How many crimes of this type?

Yuri Zhdanov: This year for 10 months – 53 thousand The increase compared to last year is 7.4%. And this trend, taking into account the war on drugs declared to our country by Ukraine, will only intensify.

The enemy during the holidays will seek to sow panic among the population. Therefore, he must be careful and watchful.

Should we expect surprises from the Ukrainian computer “couch troops” for the New Year?

Yuri Zhdanov: I think that there will be more attempts to involve minors and young people in various destructive groups through online networks and instant messaging, to “brainwash”, to change moral, moral and psychological attitudes. And sometimes, persuade them to commit extremist and terrorist acts, the likelihood of which is increased on holidays. The enemy needs to sow panic among the population. Therefore, caution and vigilance are needed.

What is the degree of terrorist threat in Russia?

Yury Zhdanov: Our special services prevent the vast majority of planned terrorist attacks. Official statistics also include prevented terrorist attacks, they are simply recorded. So, in January-October 2022, 1,979 terrorist crimes were recorded in Russia, an increase of 3.8%, and 1,247 extremist crimes, an increase of 36.3%. Apparently, we should continue to expect an increase in the number of such crimes, especially with the participation of sabotage groups from Ukraine.

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