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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Polina Gagarina was publicly humiliated by a loved one

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:33:45

Polina Gagarina does not give candid interviews, does not share personal information on social networks.

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Polina Gagarina is one of the most closed people in show business: she does not give candid interviews, does not share personal information on social networks and does not arrange public showdowns. Therefore, the singer’s scandals, both with her husband and with her stage colleagues, always surprise fans. It is possible that no one would have found out about this dispute, but one of the participants in the conflict decided to go public.

So, the poet and composer Gennady Dudin, who collaborated with the artist for several years and wrote her popular hits: “There is no more drama”, “Unarmed”, “Melancholy” and “Above Your Head”, unexpectedly refused continue working with Gagarina.

– I’m so sorry that this once brilliant girl has become what she became. These are my last songs for her… Thank God! – said Dudin on social networks.

However, the next day the author changed his tune: they say that the previous post was too emotional and was not intended for prying eyes.

– It seems I did something wrong. I can’t get used to the fact that my stories can become the subject of discussion. I shouldn’t have allowed myself too much yesterday. I’m wrong here, – admitted the author. – Only in love can something outstanding be born. But it happens that love passes. And unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. In life, you always have to sacrifice something in order to move on. And in this situation there are no good and bad. There are two that don’t understand each other…

The singer herself does not comment on this public humiliation. Yes, and the composer about the causes of the conflict does not apply. It is only known that Gagarina and the author of her had an ambiguous relationship.

– Of course, we keep in touch. This connection is too strong – said Gennady Dudin in an interview a couple of years ago. – After such a resounding success, it is impossible to smile at duty, thank everything and go further, each in their own way. That would be stupid…

Meanwhile, refusing to cooperate with his favorite, the poet and composer will not be left without work. Dudin is one of the main hit makers of the national show business. At one time, Lena Temnikova recommended Gagarina, and, according to the author, even Alla Pugacheva was interested in the song “There is no more drama.”


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