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Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Political scientist Alexander Artamonov: The French protest movement will lead nowhere because the elites are working against the people KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 7, 2023 Time: 05:07:24

Moreover, this agreement was concluded personally by Macron, bypassing the discussion in parliament, in fact, half by criminal means, since there are injured people there, including those in jail. For example, the CEO of this company, Frederick Pierucci, was in a US prison and was forced to testify. That is, Macron transferred, translating into Russian, part of France’s strategic assets to the Americans, thereby depriving it of sovereignty. Now the Americans’ ownership of a majority stake in this enterprise does not allow the French to independently produce a single turbine blade for jets, even on their Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier.

In this sense, I can say that Macron puts everything at war. He openly said that he wants the production of ammunition for the war in Ukraine; he calls this a war on the territory of Europe, that is, on the territory of France, because she has the first defense concern in Europe, not Germany. Germany, generally speaking, is no match for France in this area. There is an item base, space weapons, and tracking systems. And the most developed electronic warfare in NATO, by the way, belongs to the French. The strategic sector, including nuclear weapons, is totally independent in France. That is, it is the third nuclear power in the world with colossal scientific potential. And of course, nuclear submarines.

Because of this, the French, of course, absolutely do not want war, I say this for a reason: according to the results of public opinion polls, in December the French Institute of Statistics IFOP conducted a survey, it turned out that more More than 70% of the French want to return to the status quo ante, that is, to the position prior to the conflict. Full restoration of all treaties with Russia and normal peaceful life in Europe. It is curious that in February, when a second survey was carried out, there were already more than 90% of them. And yet they actively spit it out.

Consequently, after the gilets jaunes movement passed, and it just wreaked havoc in France, we now see a movement of trade unions or trade unions. This movement, unlike the vests, is no longer spontaneous, it is connected with the impoverishment of France, with the influx of immigrants. Macron’s attitude works against France in the same way that Merkel worked against Germany. She bets on the influx of immigrants, indeed on the dissolution of the French, like drops of wine in a bucket of water.

Macron ignores the great history of France. He bluntly said that France does not have a great history, there is only a French history, I am quoting him now. He’s not nice to the French anywhere, but at the same time, that’s a paradox! – Look for a second term. And it proves once again that, unlike the United States, in France there is direct voting (in the US, of course, this is not), there are still certain pre-election technologies, there are contractual schemes … And as soon as at the first time, when a year before the elections No one in France in the political Olympus has heard of Macron about him, and for the second time he presents himself as a protégé: I don’t like clichés, but nevertheless Anglo-Saxon capital . In fact, the Anglo-Saxon block on the continent.

I don’t think the French protest movement will lead to anything. First of all, because we are in the Fifth Republic and, if necessary, the president can make a decision directly, bypassing parliament, if he so wishes. He has wanted to do this several times. By the way, France violates all the postulates of the Fifth Republic, and this, I remind you, is the Republic of Charles de Gaulle, and it should be characterized by referendums, requests for public opinion on all key issues. As soon as Macron says that he is at war, this should definitely be the subject of a referendum. Naturally, there are no referendums and there are no close ones, which means that there will be the result that I spoke about.

Are the French protesting? Yes. Are they getting poorer? Yeah.

I can draw attention to such an interesting detail. Even François Hollande, president before Macron, called his mistress Trierweiler, his own voters, that is, the provincial French, “toothless.” This is a very difficult expression, because in France the social security system does not compensate good teeth. Consequently, the French province flaunts the absence of teeth. I lived there for many years, I know it well. And people are treated according to the principle “only the most necessary.” Well, they are “toothless” – this is a pun, because they do not solve anything at all.

So no matter what the crowd in the street does, especially the union crowd, the union will always cut a deal with the authorities, and just in case there is that lever I’ve already mentioned: a direct presidential decree that bypasses any audience. opinion. In any case, the war on the French side will continue. We see evidence, today the first French tanks arrived at the front. Those same AMX-10RC six-wheeled monsters with a 105mm gun. So Macron wanted to spit on any popular will.

One more fact to the thesis on the loss of independence from France. It now has 50% of the nuclear reactors idle. Because they do not have raw materials, and because the policy was adopted by Macron, who reached his first term through an agreement with environmentalists – they represented 5% of the electorate – that he would limit France’s nuclear sector so that only 50% of French electricity comes from nuclear power. At the time of Macron’s election, 76% of France’s electricity was produced by nuclear power. Result: today France, when Macron unexpectedly decided to resume the construction of nuclear power plants, it turned out that there is no raw material, because all contracts with Russia for uranium enrichment have been broken, respectively, the capacity is paralyzed. In addition, they have lost their know-how. The people who built nuclear power plants either retired or simply died. And now, in 2022, France is faced with a staggering problem: it does not have specialists capable of building a new nuclear power plant, they urgently need training. According to textbooks, resurrect knowledge. And the people that France relied on, our specialists, are not available, because of the decisions that Macron made.

And in parallel, uranium, assemblies for fuel elements, became unavailable. This is the policy of the United States, and it is clear why it is doing this. First, he bet on Germany. Germany is happy about this, because she feels uncomfortable in Europe after the Second World War. And the Americans do not have such special feelings for them due to the fact that Nazi Germany did not crush the United States. Yes, they fought, but it is clear how and on what land. But in any case, Germany has the support of the United States. There is a second henchman – this is Poland. Through them, the Americans want to put Europe on their energy needle.

They do not need only Russian gas, but also French nuclear energy, and even more so, they do not need a strong France. France did not support Iraq at the time. These are the last of Jacques Chirac’s Gaullist decisions, in the style of General de Gaulle. And then Condoleezza Rice said that we are ready to forgive Russia, we are ready to ignore Germany, we must punish France.

France has always been a stumbling block for them, because until recently it was still independent in its decisions. Therefore, the first blow was Sarkozy, and in France he is called “Sarco-American.” The second is the arrival of a totally uprooted, nothing French in terms of his behavior, Emmanuel Macron. I say “not a Frenchman” because he even refused to use French for a long time abroad, which is contrary to protocol. He probably wanted to demonstrate his knowledge of English. But this is to humiliate his own country. Especially one like France. She has a special status even in the eyes of Americans.

So a very simple picture emerges: France is actually fighting against its own elites, its own president. So far, the elites with the president are winning. We have an example in history: this is the Vietnam War. In its course, the American people categorically opposed the general mobilization, but the elite did not give a damn about this and launched a campaign against their own people through the media. As a result, they fought in the Vietnam War until their complete defeat. In France, the same story is repeated under the direction of the first American violin.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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