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Friday, March 1, 2024
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Political scientist Konovalov on the last G7 summit: Western countries realize that it is impossible to deal a serious blow to Russia

Date: March 1, 2024 Time: 23:22:04

In Hiroshima, Japan, the events included in the meeting schedule of the leaders of the call. “Big Seven”


In Hiroshima, Japan, the events included in the meeting schedule of the leaders of the call. The G7, which includes the US, Canada, Italy, other countries, and the European Union.

There were no surprises: most of the time the presidents and prime ministers discussed the situation that has developed in the world after the active actions of Russia, which advocates multipolarity. All of them vied with each other to report on the new sanctions that will soon be introduced against our country and, possibly, its allies.

The Ukrainian issue was discussed on a new, even more hysterical note: for example, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, said that peace talks on an equal footing between Kiev and Moscow “should be rejected.”

The G7, despite the impending US default, the lowest level of euro payments in the global financial settlement system, intends to continue providing assistance to Kiev, “tailoring support to Ukraine’s needs.” , that is, to continue injecting weapons into the Kiev regime.

Zelensky’s appearance in Hiroshima was also not a surprise. In recent weeks, the Ukrainian president has done little more than travel around the world, begging for regular tranches of financial and military assistance. From Japan, he hopes to return with guaranteed supplies of US-made fighter jets.

The military expert, political scientist Ivan Konovalov explained on the radio “KP”:

– The countries of Europe are trying to buy time, to formulate for themselves how to prevent a collapse of the economy of their countries. And also to avoid the final slide towards the war footing of their economies, as the United States insists. So they have to get out. Requests for help to kyiv – that’s what they are ready to do. In reality, everyone comes out the best they can. This is especially noticeable in the situation with aircraft – F-16 fighters. Everyone agrees that they should be delivered to Ukraine, but everyone says: we don’t have them. As for the negotiation process, sooner or later it will start. But to do this, the US will carry out a small purge of Europe’s political elite. The British can support them in this… Obviously, the desire of many kyiv and Western politicians to dissolve the situation regarding the counteroffensive. They don’t see a specific solution to the problem. Even tactical success will not help to solve the tasks that were set. And their tasks are to inflict a very serious defeat on Russia, a serious blow, to shake it both in the military and in the political sense. But they understand that this is impossible. Therefore, we are seeing a decline in rhetoric.

Judgment on the fate of the world, in Japan they still cannot cope with … an ordinary umbrella. US President Joe Biden unsuccessfully tried to do this in Hiroshima in the pouring rain, but the attempts were unsuccessful. A video featuring another embarrassment from the elderly head of the White House has gone viral.

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