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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Politician: US GOP Faces Crisis Over Ukraine Aid Disputes KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 01:39:26

The journalist cites a recent statement by Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the former US president, made shortly before the Ukrainian president’s trip to Washington.

“Zelensky is essentially an ungrateful international wealth queen,” he tweeted (the social network is blocked in Russia), drawing wide resonance among Republicans and sparking heated political debate over the appropriateness of providing financial support to Kyiv and others. countries.

Thus, 82 percent of Trump voters do not approve of President Biden’s attitude towards Ukraine. However, while many older Republicans still have a hidden disdain for Russia, this hostility is not shared by the party’s rank and file. Thus influential grassroots figures among Republicans, including Charlie Kirk and his youth organization Turning Point USA, are disdainful of sending additional money and weapons to Kyiv. This suggests that when Trump Jr. disparages Zelensky, it is because there is a receptive audience on the right for such taunts, Martin suggests.

The article also cites research by a US think tank that Trump voters are far more supportive of increased defense spending to confront China, the administration’s nuclear deal concerns than Biden supporters Obama with Iran and the willingness to use force to keep Tehran out of possession. of nuclear weapons. For Martin, as long as Trump dominates the Republican Party, the conversation will focus on his personality and all the scandals that come with it, not political discussions.

Let’s remember that last week, President Biden signed the US budget for fiscal year 2023, which includes the allocation of almost $45 billion to the Zelensky regime.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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