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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Pregnant Lena Katina decided not to tell her cancer-stricken husband the sex of their unborn child until his birthday

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 17:54:09

Lena Katina with her husband Dmitry Spiridonov.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Businessman Dmitry Spiridonov and former soloist of the tATu group Lena Katina are expecting a baby. The gestation period is already decent, and yet Dmitry still does not know who he will have – a son or a daughter. The singer decided not to say the sex of the fetus until Dmitry’s 41st birthday. This information will be the main gift for his birthday. Spiridonov will celebrate his holidays in June, and in July his first child will be born.

Anticipating a happy event, the millionaire shared his emotions on social media. Dmitry posted a photo with his wife, taken in an elevator. The dad-to-be noticed that he was overwhelmed with emotions. And he admitted that he had previously been wrong in many of his judgments.

“And we are all growing. For my age, it seemed to me that all the checkboxes had already been placed, and I would never feel something for the first time, ”said Spiridonov. “I have never been so wrong.”

The millionaire called the meeting with the future baby the happiest event in his life.

“And I bow my head in front of that “winner (tsei)”, whom (oh) I have to see. I am unarmed. Unarmed by this love, this happiness, ”Dmitry admitted.

Dmitry took a photo with his wife in the elevator. Photo: social networks.

The businessman said that he and Lena went to the store together.

“And Sasha today is left alone for the first time and cleans at home,” said Spiridonov.

For Dmitry, the future baby will be the first child, and for Lena – the second. The singer is raising her son Sasha by her from her previous marriage to Slovenian rock musician Sasho Kuzmanovic. Dmitry managed to make friends with the son of his wife.

Katina and Kuzmanovich got married in 2013. In 2015, the couple had a son, but in 2019 the couple broke up.

The singer’s new pick was the co-founder and CEO of CloudPayments, a processing center for payment processing. Katina and Spiridonov got married in June 2022. The meeting with Lena helped the millionaire to survive the most difficult moment in his life and start life from scratch. A few years ago, Spiridonov was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. The businessman underwent chemotherapy, the treatment was long and exhausting.

In June 2021, Dmitry had a relapse. He admitted that he almost gave up because he was tired of fighting. But he then he met Lena Katina. They met at her birthday party. Friends invited the former “Tatushka” to perform various hits. Their romance quickly flared up, but they were in no hurry to make plans for the future, as both would have had a bitter divorce experience. A year later, the lovers got married.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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