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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Prilepin’s assassins “were not good for champagne”, only “for beer”

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:57:36

Mikhail Kozyrev* and poet Vera Polozkova during a scandalous interview.

Photo: YouTube

I think that many have already seen the dialogue of the foreign agent, radio producer and Dozhd journalist, closed in Russia, Mikhail Kozyrev* with the poetess Vera Polozkova. He is now in the Attorney General’s Office, apparently, he is also watching and obviously he will not be left without a reaction. Mr. Kozyrev reminds the lady that 7 years ago he promised to drink champagne “when Zakhar Prilepin is shot in the head.” The poetess, embarrassed and flirting, says that artists did not work out for champagne, but with a beer, an attack on Zakhar and the murder of his comrade, you can wash it away.

I stupidly scrolled this 26-second video three times, hoping that I could understand: what was the writer so guilty of in front of these people? What did he offend, what did he annoy? I tried to understand the nature of this chthonic hatred. But no, there was no hate in this dialogue. So what gave rise to such cruelty?

The Belarusian writer Ales Adamovich has a book that lingers in the consciousness and breaks the reader’s psyche. It is called long: “The Punishers, the pleasure of the knife and the biography of the new Hyperboreans”. An artistic and documentary depiction of the mass extermination of Belarusian villagers by Otto Dirlivanger’s SS men. The writer is trying to understand why? And he comes to a terrifying conclusion: everything is within the framework of the new morality. Not ours, human, but this one, “new-hyperborean.” There is a task and a need to free the “lebensraum”, the living space, and they free it. Carefully, without losing a single living soul. In this process there is no room for remorse, there is no room for compassion, introspection and reflection. You can look at the dialogue between Kozyrev and Polozkova through the story “The Punishers” and everything will fall into place: Zakhar simply should not be in this world.

Zakhar Prilepin.

Photo: Julia PYKHALOVA

I suspect that this statement also applies to me and many millions of “cotton” and “separs”.

And Russia itself, as such, should not exist, according to people with beautiful faces. I think they won’t even be able to clearly explain why we shouldn’t be in the world. We interfere like an anthill in a path.

There is such a widespread claim to God: “how does He allow such abominations and cruelties (one example is given, one out of many thousands)”? It allows. But the punishers at all times clean up very quickly. It does not allow the entities of the anti-worlds to be especially fruitful. And if God’s will is fulfilled with the help of the Attorney General’s Office, it will be perfect for me. But I’m definitely not going to rejoice. There is no cause for joy in justice, neither on the right occasion, nor at the right time. We have not yet mourned our dead.

* recognized by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation as a foreign agent


“They didn’t make it. maximum beer. The terrorists bothered the poetess Vera Polozkova, who promised to open champagne in the event of the death of Zakhar Prilepin.

In an interview with peace activist and foreign agent Mikhail Kozyrev*, a woman answered a trick question with a smile (more information)


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