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Monday, June 5, 2023
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“Princess of Rock and Roll”: the stormy life of Elvis Presley’s only daughter ended suddenly

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 03:39:46

The daughter of the king of rock and roll Lisa Marie was 54 years old.


The world of rock and roll, sunny California and all fans of the legendary Elvis are in mourning today: the only daughter of the king of rock and roll has died. Lisa Marie was 54 years old. The day before, the woman herself became ill, they took her to the hospital, but there she died of cardiac arrest, the doctors could not save her.

“It is with a heavy heart that I must share the terrible news that my beautiful daughter Lisa Marie has passed away. She was the most passionate, strong and loving woman I have ever known, ”Lisa Marie’s mother, actress Priscilla Presley, wrote on social media.

Lisa Marie was born at a time when her father was at the height of his fame – in 1968, his Christmas concert brought their idol Presley back to the Americans – they had not seen a show like this. The baby was immediately nicknamed princess. All her life she remained in the center of everyone’s attention. Her interest in her fate, whether it be another marriage or a personal tragedy, has never waned.


Priscilla and Elvis Presley divorced shortly after the birth of their daughter. When Lisa Marie was four years old, her mother left Presley for her karate coach. The king of rock and roll at that time did not lag behind his wife, having a whole army of lovers at his side. The divorce was finalized in 1973. Lisa Marie lived primarily in California with her mother, but often stayed with her father in Memphis.

Lisa Marie with her parents.


After Elvis’s death in 1977, Lisa Marie became the sole heir to all of his assets. In 1993, when the girl turned 25, her father’s inheritance was estimated at $100 million, but by 2004 she had sold almost 85% of all her property.


The school years were difficult for Lisa Marie. When she was a teenager, she was sexually abused by her mother’s lover, actor Michael Edwards. He, according to Presley, was not a fool to drink and in a drunken state began to pester the girl.

Lisa Marie also did not work out with her studies, many boarding schools could not cope with her difficult temperament. The situation was aggravated by her passion for drugs. She described herself at the time as “a lonely, melancholy, strange girl.” And, perhaps, a girl’s life would have been cut short at a very young age, if not for faith.

In 1977, she first appeared at the Church of Scientology, where she and her mother were invited by actor John Travolta. And surprisingly, pseudo-religion helped Lisa Marie to stop using drugs completely at the age of 17.

The passion for Scientology lasted for almost 40 years. It wasn’t until 2016 that Lisa Marie officially refused to identify herself as a Scientologist.


Presley began his music career in 2003 with his debut album To Whom It May Concern, which reached number five on the Billboard 200 Top Albums chart and went gold that summer. She herself wrote the lyrics for her songs and also directly participated in the musical composition work.

At that time, in an interview with TV presenter Larry King, Lisa Marie admitted that society was putting a lot of pressure on her, constantly comparing her with her father.

During his career, he released three albums, which were very well received by critics and the public, thanks to their unusual blues sound.


Lisa Marie’s active personal life resulted in four marriages, which gave her four children. Her first husband was the musician Danny Keogh. From him, Presley gave birth to a daughter, Danielle Riley, and a son, Benjamin. In 2020, 27-year-old Benjamin committed suicide. For her mother, this was a terrible tragedy.

Lisa Marie’s second husband was the king of pop Michael Jackson. Presley had known the singer since childhood, but then they did not communicate for a long time. The musicians were brought together by a chance meeting, after which passion flared up between them. The wedding took place 20 days after Presley left her first husband.

The marriage to Jackson lasted only two years, and in 1996 the couple divorced.


Many believed that their marriage was nothing more than a public relations campaign to whitewash Jackson’s image. The singer at that time was the first suspected of child abuse. Supporters of another version argued that Michael, as a fan of Elvis, could not deny himself to get as close as possible to his idol.

The couple was together for only two years and divorced in 1996. Later, Lisa Marie said that Jackson was a drug addict, a master of manipulation, and therefore it was difficult for her to stay with this man.

The actor, Nicolas Cage, came to replace the singer in Presley’s life. Their relationship was full of passion, scandals and fights, during one of which Lisa Marie threw a diamond engagement ring into the ocean. The couple announced their divorce three months after the wedding.

Lisa Marie with actor Nicolas Cage, 2001


“Lisa had the loudest laugh I’ve ever known. She illuminated the space, my heart is broken, ”said the actor upon learning of the death of his ex-wife.

The fourth husband was the music producer, guitarist Michael Lockwood. Her marriage lasted 10 years and she had twin daughters, Harper and Finlay.

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