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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Prishvin’s dreams hit the neural network: an exhibition dedicated to the writer’s anniversary opened at the KXan Literary Museum 36 Daily News

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 10:03:38

But Prishvin himself considered his main book a diary that he kept for half a century, reflecting in it the era – the key events of Russian history of the 20th century, from the First World War and the revolution to the death of Stalin. And to this day, having opened these records, one disappears and is amazed to find ourselves in them today. Here is at least one entry in the diary for January 26, 1918: “If you look at yourself, you cannot see yourself as a chip in a rough sea. homeland, the third, in anticipation of the awakening of the country, stock up on cookies and monpensier.

Anniversary exhibition “Mikhail Prishvin: The Main Book”, which opened in the State Museum of the History of Russian Literature named after VI Dalia in the House of Luboshchinsky – Vernadsky, represents the result of many years of research on the phenomenon of Mikhail Prishvin in its various facets, which we have not yet unraveled. Throughout his life, Prishvin explored the most important themes of human existence, reflecting on the meaning of life, religion, relationships and, of course, the connection between man and nature. “Mikhail Prishvin is a camera writer who was able to see the whole world on a separate sheet and in a drop,” said the director of the Litmuseum Dmitry Bak about him, opening the opening day.

Photo: Olesya Kurpyaeva / RG

At the exposition, acquaintance with Prishvin will begin with an important episode of his life – expulsion from the Yelets classical gymnasium, where he studied only up to the fourth grade and was expelled “for insolence to the teacher”, and not just anyone, but the Vasily Rozanov himself, who taught geography there. In the future, Prishvin will say that it was this that gave him a boost in life, and in his diaries he will endlessly turn to Rozanov.

But who really is Prishvin? The author of essays on crayfish farming, the most beautiful texts on nature or a philosopher whose diaries contain answers to current questions? An avid traveler and lover of civilization, who thoroughly studied everything new, from a camera to a weapon? A car enthusiast who became famous as the oldest driver in Moscow. Did he drive his car until he was 80 years old?

He has a very funny entry about the car: “How many years have I been waiting for the same thing that the GAZ 69 gives me now! And here it is with me, it seems to be better – happiness has been achieved.” But I do not consider myself happy, now the thought that in the forest a car would silently follow me, and I could command it “Wait!”, Or call me or shout “ouch!”

Nothing is impossible here, and it certainly will be, and the whole question is up to me, will I wait, and if I wait, will I need a car to follow me through the woods in my future?

At the exhibition everyone will find their Mikhail Prishvin. Here you can hear the voices of his contemporaries about him: Blok, Gorky, Rozanov and many others. To study the map of his literary travels, which is wide and almost all scales, from the Far East to Georgia, are reflected in his works. Walking through the installation of a birch grove, where the bark of the trees is made up of the writer’s texts, and through the “eyes” of the trunks you can see Prishvin’s macro photography, for which the writer had many types of bells and whistles, here you can plunge into the world of the author of “Ginseng” and “For the Magic Kolobok”, examine his personal effects: a desk, a typewriter, a camera, hunting accessories, optical instruments for observation nature and much more. The exhibition also features books from the writer’s library and an extensive collection of photographs. Well, young readers will not be bored either – they will be able to play the interactive game “Pantry of the Sun”.

Today, remembering Prishvin, rediscovering him for ourselves, we see a very active and modern person who is ahead of his time. Perhaps that is why the hooligan idea of ​​​​the exhibition curators – to skip the description of Prishvin’s dreams from his diaries through a neural network – does not look like such a joke. Prishvin would have liked it, he would have been the first to throw his dreams into this newfangled “toy” in order to admire the resulting images.

Photo: Olesya Kurpyaeva / RG

Mikhail Prishvin wrote in his will: “It is possible to correctly judge a writer only by his seeds, to understand what is being done with the seeds, and this takes time and time. I will say this about myself (I have been writing for 50 years! ), That I have not been directly successful and less famous even than the average writer. But my seeds germinate, and from them grow flowers with a golden sun on blue petals, the very ones that people call forget-me-nots So, if you imagine that a person, which decomposes after the end, becomes the basis of species of animals, plants and flowers, it turns out that Prishvin left forget-me-nots.My dear friend, if you survive me, collect a bouquet of these leaves and call a book “Forget-me-nots”.

And there is no doubt that these flowers are still blooming, they just have to be found and seen. By the way, “Forget-me-not” – that was the name of the book published by Prishvin’s wife after her death. It can also be seen at the exhibition, which is based on the materials of the funds of VI Dahl GMIRLI with the participation of exhibits from the collections of the Oryol American Literary Museum of IS Turgenev, the Russian State Archive of Literature and Art and private collections.

By the way

In the year of the writer’s 150th anniversary, part of his heritage will be published, which includes 18 volumes. The Rostok publishing house is preparing five volumes of diaries and five volumes of fiction for publication. Yana Grishina, head of the Department of the State Literary Museum “M. Prishvin House-Museum in Dunino” and one of the curators of the exhibition, explained that the volumes devoted to fiction will be published in the context of the newspaper. She also said that once Alexander Solzhenitsyn offered Prishvin’s widow, Valeria Dmitrievna Liorko, to publish the writer’s diaries abroad, and Valeria Dmitrievna refused, assuring that Mikhail Mikhailovich would like them to be published in Russia.

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