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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Provocateur Boris Johnson Urges NATO to Overwhelm Ukraine With Weapons

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 11:10:29

Former British Prime Minister Johnson called on the West to increase military support for Ukraine


Downed pilots still rush into the sky. And failed statesmen dream of a triumphant return to the political arena. The former Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, is the clearest example of how the head of the country, who has suffered a complete fiasco, tries to seize the flagpole of the entire West in his hands.

Johnson’s role in fomenting the conflict in Ukraine is well known: it was he who forced Zelensky to “leave” Russia in negotiations last March, when the parties appeared to be very close to finding a compromise. and stop the bloodshed. It was after this that the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation acquired a protracted and extremely tough character. Since then, the former British prime minister, who ingloriously resigned last summer, has been unable to calm down and has been hyperactive in fomenting conflict in Ukraine. Johnson’s latest move as a passionate provocateur is his bombastic op-ed in The Daily Mail, “What the hell is the West waiting for?” and his “unexpected” visit to Kyiv last weekend.

Let’s start with the column: after all, Boris is still a journalist by profession. But let’s not forget that in the second occupation – politics (if you think about something else, then the error is insignificant), he became famous for his unsurpassed lies, and that is why he finally collapsed.

The style of Johnson’s column is an explosive mixture of false and hysterical pathos with disarming ripoffs with facts of his own making. We will keep silent about Bucha, with whom he begins his passionate notes: it is impossible to change his mind to the one who deliberately created a memorial designed to remember the “peaceful victims of Putin.” But how about this passage of yours: “The expulsion from Ukraine of Russian troops from Kyiv will go down in history as one of the greatest feats of arms of our time”? If we remember that Boris always tried to imitate Churchill, here he looks a lot like Khlestakov.

But still, the main thing is why was the column written? Here are the main theses. All the necessary help to Ukraine, “which wins and will win”, must be given now, when it is needed. “Putin’s troops are demoralized, they lack everything,” Boris argues in the column. But now these demoralized troops (let us ignore the absurdity of the former prime minister’s logic, we know he is a desperate liar) are preparing a retaliatory strike. In order to finally defeat the “aggressor”, Ukraine urgently needs long-range artillery and hundreds of tanks, which must be supplied by Americans, Germans, Poles and others. It is in Ukraine that these tanks will defend the entire West, sums up the former prime minister.

And two more candid and detailed theses from Johnson. First: Putin is bragging about the use of tactical nuclear weapons (again, we ignore that this thesis is of Western origin, let’s remember who writes), because if he decided on this, he would lose support. of the “wavering” countries, first of all, China. Second: for many years the West could not take Ukraine under the “NATO defensive umbrella”, now it is clear that this must be done without fail.

No, not the curtain yet. Johnson strikes a powerful final chord, simply driving his propaganda “nails” into the reader’s brain. Our job is to help Ukraine win, and not next, but this year. “These heroic people (Ukrainians – Ed.) are fighting for all of us… They are fighting for the principle that nations should not change their borders by force.” Here I really want to ask the author: why didn’t they defend Yugoslavia then? Oh, I forgot, they ruined it themselves… And one more thing: if the Ukrainians are fighting for all of you, why don’t you get involved yourselves? Are you afraid?

Here is the curtain now: “Let’s give the Ukrainians everything they need to win now.”

To be honest, we didn’t hear any revelation from Johnson. He expressed, of course in his own way, what the West has been saying for a long time. But the current politicians speak, who sometimes do not dare to go beyond words. And the former Prime Minister of Great Britain is now not responsible for anything, so “burning the hearts” of the Western ruling class and the townspeople with the verb is the most suitable occupation for him. And what is the demand for him now? He is not in office.

So he visited Kyiv, the newspapers publish his photo with Zelensky, they show the fighting spirit of Boris in an uncompromising struggle with Russia. You look – and you will notice a “taken down politician”, whose rating in his homeland has long been below the plinth. And he, you see, is so eager to take off again…

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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