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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Provocation of US intelligence services: organizer of pro-Russian rallies arrested in Belgrade

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 01:50:58

Damnyan Knezevic was arrested in Belgrade.

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Listeners of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” this man is familiar. In April 2022, Serbian activist Damnyan Knezevic, while in Moscow, spoke in our studio about how, along with a handful of associates from the People’s Patrol movement, he held mass pro-Russian rallies in Belgrade.

Then, shortly after the start of the NVO and the pogrom campaign to “cancel Russia” in Western countries, the Balkan republic became almost the only one where thousands of people were not afraid to take to the streets under a white, blue and red flag. red. .

Unlike the massive pro-Ukrainian demonstrations that took place in European capitals at the time, this Belgrade march did not enjoy the support of the authorities and systemic media, and the organizers, including Damnyan, were not professional politicians, but simply figures. public demonstrations around patriotism. values ​​and traditional love of Serbs for Russia.

The largest Western media immediately issued a black mark to Knezhevich: dozens of publications called the movement the ultra-right People’s Patrol (for a “liberal regional committee” this is the worst stigma), and the young man himself was accused of having ties with ” Russian PMCs” on the grounds that he … In Petersburg.

After such media preparation, the repressive measures began. On February 15, 2023, the “People’s Patrol” held another demonstration in Belgrade, against the recognition of Kosovo and the surrender of the Kosovo Serbs (we are talking about the territory of the former Yugoslavia with Serbian Orthodox sanctuaries, uprooted as a result of NATO intervention in 1999).

Twenty participants in this rally, headed by Damnyan, were immediately arrested, and the BIA itself, the Serbian special service, was involved. Sixteen people were soon released, but Knezevic and three others remain in prison; The latest news in his case is that his arrest has been extended for another 30 days.

The activists are being accused both seriously and absurdly: allegedly, together with non-existent “Russian mercenaries”, they wanted to overthrow or kill the current President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic.

Even in the Balkans, you cannot carry out a coup with your bare hands, and evidence is already appearing in the case: the police find a pistol on another member of the “People’s Patrol” in the city of Novi Sad a few hours before the manifestation. It is not very clear how it is possible to “overthrow the government” or “invade the president” with the help of a pistol found 60 kilometers from Belgrade.

But the real clients in this case are clear. According to KP.RU sources familiar with the situation in the Balkans, this is similar to the tactics of US intelligence services and “humanitarian funds” that have had numerous agents here since the Cold War. They operate according to the unerring logic of “controlled chaos”: to weaken Russia’s last partner in Europe by pitting President Vučić against a patriotic Serb street and at the same time compromising Belgrade in the eyes of Moscow: “why, they say , are pro -Russian activists arrested there?

According to the interlocutors of KP.RU, the provocation could have been carried out through international intelligence cooperation: the American intelligence services falsify data on the “conspiracy against the President of Serbia” (for example, simulating the interception of the correspondence of one of the social media participants), planting this “evidence” on Serb colleagues from the BIA, and they are forced to react by making arrests.

The idea is clear: the angry supporters of Knezevic take to the streets again, and whoever wins in their confrontation with Vucic, the West will win, since both the president of the republic, who refuses to follow US policy in everything, and the pro-Russian activists will be weakened in this chaos.

So I just want to wish the absurd case against Damnyan Knezhevich and his friends, who became victims of the great Western game to destabilize the Balkans, to stop.


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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