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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Pseudo sellers: how bloggers continue to earn billions from Russians

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 09:39:16

Commercial engine – erotica! Olga Buzova often posts photos in which she is not fully dressed.


Exactly one year ago, huge changes occurred in the social media market. The Meta company was recognized as extremist and banned in Russia. The news would not particularly excite anyone, but it is this company that owns the social network Instagram*, in which bloggers and celebrities earn a lot of money. And now you can go here only with the help of a virtual private network – VPN.

As a result, according to Mediascope, the average daily reach of Instagram* in Russia fell five times during the year.

how do they earn

But first, let’s remember how they usually earn on social networks.

There are star bloggers, artists and other celebrities. They have a main job and on social networks they communicate with fans, promote creativity and earn income by placing ads. Usually, commercial posts are immediately noticeable, but there are also hidden ads.

“Non-star” bloggers are people who have become popular exclusively on social media. They also have advertising, but the main profit is from the sale of their own “products”. We are talking about master classes, trainings and marathons on various topics: how to become slim, beautiful, happy, successfully marry or make wishes correctly… Bloggers also organize “win-win” lotteries, sell clothes or cosmetics of their brand. (someone organized the production, someone is busy reselling). To maintain the interest of subscribers, bloggers post daily, talking about family, children and household chores.

Blogger Nadine Serovski (9 million 300 thousand followers on Instagram*, author of the Phenomenon training, where she teaches how to earn money) told Komsomolskaya Pravda:

– A certain percentage of people who had difficulty connecting to the VPN left. There was a regression in terms of audience numbers and activity, like we went back a year. But now everything fell into place. I’m sure it’s still possible to make money on social media, and earn it well, on a large scale.

Blogging helps!

Stars, unlike ordinary bloggers, have become less inclined to boast of clothes, trips and purchases. They fear damnation for too luxurious a life. But the prices for celebrity advertising did not drop: Anastasia Ivleeva, Olga Buzova, Ksenia Borodina, Yegor Creed have an average publication cost of 300 thousand rubles. True, advertising has become much less. So, Ksenia Borodina (20 million subscribers) had 9 advertising posts in December 2021 and only two in December 2022. Ida Galich (6.5 million) for December 2021 has 7 advertising posts, for December 2022 – only two parts. The situation is the same for everyone.

Now leading celebrities run the VKontakte and Telegram channels. The content is often duplicated. We have gained followers, but their number does not exceed 10% of the Instagram audience*.

On Telegram, which is developing rapidly, bloggers who can write interesting things are successful. Of the stars, Lera Kudryavtseva (248 thousand subscribers) and Oscar Kuchera (82 thousand) have original content and an active audience on Telegram. The interest in their channels is due to the fact that Lera and Oscar decided to write about political issues. And their “millionaire” colleagues are silent… True, there are few ads on Telegram: for example, in February, Ksenia Borodina and Lera Kudryavtseva each had two ads.

The poverty of tiktokers

21-year-old Danya Milokhin moved first to Dubai, and then to the United States.


A year ago, the TikTok social network introduced restrictions for Russian users: they were not allowed to upload new content, broadcast live… That is why TikTokers traveled to either Kazakhstan or the United States in search of work. But they failed to restore their previous income. For example, Danya Milokhin complains that he has “only” 350 thousand rubles left on her cards: “I have no advertising at all! I earn zero, really zero. I never put it off, I always spent.”

A month ago, tiktoker Anya Pokrov sold a Mercedes-Benz GLS 400 SUV for 9.7 million rubles and a BMW 840D Xdrive sedan for 8 million. When there is no income, you have to part with a luxury fleet.


Payment for laziness and faith in a miracle

Average duration of training, marathon: from 1 to 3 months.

Average price – from 3 to 4 thousand rubles.

The average number of participants in a marathon or online training for a blogger with a number of subscribers from 8 to 14 million people – 30 – 50 thousand people.

Average earnings per marathon – 120 million rubles.

At least 10 such marathons can be held in a year: bloggers record video tutorials with tips, exercises, expert recommendations – the cost is minimal.

The advice of the “infogytanos”, as the bloggers who sell these courses are called, are often criticized; after all, similar information can be found on the net absolutely free of charge. However, people still give money away – someone is too lazy to search for the necessary information on their own, and someone believes in a magic recipe that can alleviate all problems at once.

This is what, for example, blogger Oksana Samoilova taught shoppers at the Strategy for a Million marathon. Among the tips “how to get rich” were the following: read books, sleep 8 hours, eat healthy food, communicate with positive people, compliment others. Business ideas include a shelter, dog walking, food and water delivery in traffic jams, etc. Not very similar to secret revelations, but buyers of these courses paid from 3.5 to 120 thousand rubles.


Billions of profits and 8 kg of gold

Valeria Chekalina loved to flaunt expensive purchases and luxurious gifts on social networks. Will it be more modest now?


Spouses-bloggers became defendants in a criminal case

Lerchek blogger Valeria Chekalina, 30 years old (10 million 400 thousand subscribers), sold fitness marathons, promised the same slender figure that she had after three births. She also taught people how to earn money by selling cosmetics and clothing. Her husband helped her run the business. Last week, Valeria Chekalina was indicted under an article about tax evasion on an especially large scale, and her husband, Artyom, was accused of assisting in tax evasion. According to the investigation, for the third and fourth quarters of 2020 and all of 2021, Chekalina did not pay taxes in the amount of 311 million rubles. According to investigators, the blogger used a simplified tax system with an allowed income limit of 150 million rubles a year, although her income was much higher. It’s just that the family divided the profits and filed him as a front man.

But just think of this number! If 311 million is just taxes, then the blogger family has earned more than 1 billion!

However, if Lerchek returns the money to the state, he can avoid criminal punishment (punishment: up to three years in prison). And there is definitely enough money for that. Bloggers have a lot of property: a plot and a house with an area of ​​u200bu200bmore than 2000 square meters. m on the Novorizhskoye highway in the village of “Agalarov Estate” (cost – about a billion rubles); country house in the elite village “Ilyinka Leinhouse” (about 120 million rubles); two apartments in Moscow worth about 30 and 70 million rubles. There is a parking lot of expensive cars. And during a search of the mansion, riot police discovered 8 kg of gold (approximate price: 35.9 million rubles), a large amount of money and jewelry.

* Owned by Meta, which is recognized as extremist and banned in Russia.


Memorial service on Instagram*: “Oh, where can I find such an epithet to describe all this pain? For seven days no one has seen my food and alcohol”

KP correspondent Pavel Klokov composed a memorial service on Instagram*, which was banned in Russia. Attention – there is sarcasm in the poems (details)

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