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Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Psychologist named 7 illnesses caused by unloved work KXan 36 Daily News

Date: April 17, 2024 Time: 21:03:36

Unloved work causes discontent, tension and stress, which eventually becomes chronic. A person is moodless, constantly irritated, depressed. And negative emotions “settle” in the body and, accumulating, cause a psychosomatic illness.

Even diseases such as a sore throat, a cold, can be caused by aversion to work. Dissatisfaction with the attitude of employees or superiors towards you, situations when a person is forced to be silent, not to speak directly, internal dissatisfaction with colleagues can cause frequent sore throats and pharyngitis.

Migraines and headaches indicate that thoughts about it often visit the head. That you are not doing what you need and what you would like. Like it or not, that person is in an internal “discord” with himself, he is in dialogue with his “I”, and this results in a headache.

And neck pain, osteochondrosis, from which many office workers suffer, the psychologist deciphers as a result of the feeling that work is a leash that must be pulled every day. She notes that when she is passionate about her business, all osteochondrosis is removed as if by hand.

The expert draws the same parallels with joint pain, arthritis and osteoarthritis. Any mobility restriction is a sign that a person has arrested development. When he feels that he is marking time in a place and cannot go on.

Diseases such as gastritis, stomach pain, liver problems also develop when a person does not “digest” his work. The eternal tension, the critical attitude, the stress of not accepting one’s job will lead to both gastritis and ulcers. And anger and frequent reproaches act on the liver.

Vision problems may indicate that a person prefers not to solve the problem, but to “turn a blind eye.”

Finally, there may even be an allergy to work. And this is not a joke at all. Illness saves a person from another day’s work. It has been noticed that for many the discomfort disappears as soon as the field of activity changes.

The psychologist emphasizes that any disease must be approached in a comprehensive manner: not only from the medical side, but also from the psychosomatic. Analyze your psychological state. And if you clearly understand that you are wasting your life on what you do not want to do, try to change the situation, remove the source of stress. Give your body a chance to exhale, relax, calm down, and you will definitely feel noticeably better.

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Hansen Taylor
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