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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Pugacheva is running out of money: previously the diva did not agree with this

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 18:27:27

Alla Pugacheva. Photo: Alexander Shcherbak/TASS

According to rumors, Alla Borisovna’s life on the hill is not pleasant at all. Therefore, the 75-year-old singer even began recording songs again and giving private concerts. Pugacheva, who left Russia following her husband, foreign agent Maxim Galkin*, and made it clear more than once that she was not going to return, is ready to perform before the Russian public.

During an interview with the Krasnodar TV channel, journalist Soryan, known for his pranks with stars, called Alexander Zaporozhets, who introduced himself as the director of Alla Pugacheva, and invited the singer to perform at the birthday party of an investor Russian private.

“I represent a private investor who will have a birthday in Türkiye in two months. Is it possible to invite Alla Borisovna? – asked the joker Soryan.

The prankster also explained that, for obvious political reasons, the rich birthday boy cannot invite Pugacheva to Russia, so they want to organize a vacation in nearby Turkey. He then announced a possible fee of 100 million rubles. Alla Borisovna’s director listened carefully and asked to send the first data about the event via WhatsApp or Telegram.

The joker Soryan.

“Previously, Pugacheva’s directors (i.e. Elena Chuprakova – editor’s note) immediately hung up when they heard such proposals, but now no longer. Alla Borisovna is probably running out of money,” Soryan suggested.

Meanwhile, it became known that due to the forty-degree temperature, Alla Pugacheva and her family plan to move from Cyprus to Jurmala. Apparently, the artist feels very bad due to the heat and her legs are very swollen. Let us remember that the singer and her children left Russia in 2022 following her husband Maxim Galkin *, recognized as a foreign agent. The singer’s grandson, Nikita Presnyakov, and his wife Alena also left Russia. Kristina Orbakaite, who lived in two countries for many years, also eventually moved to the United States to join her husband Mikhail Zemtsov. There, her daughter Claudia goes to the local school.

However, when we called Alla Pugacheva’s director, Elena Chuprakova, the singer’s official representative was very surprised by the news. They say that Alexander Zaporozhets is not an employee, much less a director, of Alla Pugacheva. One can only guess why the prankster called Zaporozhets and he, without batting an eyelid, began to negotiate something with him.

“This is some kind of nonsense,” the astonished Elena Chuprakova, the singer’s real manager, told KP.RU.

*included in the register of foreign agents of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation


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