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Friday, March 31, 2023
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Pugacheva’s grandson sells his favorite dacha for 225 million

Date: March 31, 2023 Time: 08:21:44

Sells the mansion Nikita Presnyakov, to whom the grandmother wrote housing a few years ago.

Photo: Boris KUDRYAVOV

Rumors that Alla Borisovna, with her departure to Israel, is selling elite real estate in Russia, have been circulating for a year, however, there was no evidence of this. But now the talks have taken on a material form: Pugacheva’s beloved house in the Moscow region, which she built in the late 1990s, is actually for sale. But it is not the Prima Donna who is selling the mansion, but hers, her grandson Nikita Presnyakov, to whom a loving grandmother wrote housing a few years ago.

Photo: screenshot of the NTV and CIAN program

An advertisement with Pugachev’s mansions, according to KP.RU, was published on the web on March 6. It is curious that the price was first indicated in foreign currency – $ 3 million (approximately 226.5 million at the current exchange rate), but it was soon changed to rubles. Now a three-story mansion in the village of Berezhki, Solnechnogorsk district, can be bought for 225 million rubles.

Photo: screenshot of the NTV and CIAN program

Prima Donna possessions, although quite worn – the repairs here are “tired”, the design is outdated, but they are still able to impress the most demanding owners. The 800-square-meter house, on the facade of which realtors prudently covered the “ABP” monogram, is located on a 70-acre plot of land on the first line of the Istra River and has its own pier. In the mansion itself there are six bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room with fireplace, library, dressing room, spa area with pool, terrace, lounge area with bar and billiards. living room, a cinema… Everywhere there is gold and stucco, statues and columns, silk wallpaper, colored curtains, numerous paintings, carpets, even “leopard” colours, mirrored walls in the bathroom. And on the site – a real forest with spruce, birch, various shrubs and … the graves of two of Prima Donna’s favorite dogs – Irma and Pokemon.

Photo: screenshot of the NTV and CIAN program

“This house is like me: it only looks big and pretentious, but inside it is quite artistic and modest,” Pugacheva admitted during a television tour many years ago.

Photo: screenshot of the NTV and CIAN program

The dacha in Istra, as Pugacheva herself called it, was once the singer’s favorite vacation spot: at first she did not catch a connection, and Alla Borisovna ran away from the bustle of the city to the village. According to the star, in the mid-90s, when country houses became fashionable, she fell in love with the view of the river from the third-floor windows and decided to buy a house in Berezhki. But the artist was not satisfied with the old building: she had to demolish the old country house and build a new one. By the way, Alla Borisovna developed the intricate design herself, although she later regretted it: they say that after a few years she would have done it differently. One of the rooms – an office for the Primadonna – in the “zero” for Alla was rebuilt by the program “Housing Problem”.

The artist’s dacha, where she was the hostess until the wedding with Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation) in 2011, more than once fell into scandalous chronicles. Then the deputies wanted to demolish houses on the Istra reservoir, including the mansions of Pugacheva and Berezovsky; then the nudists chose the beach right in front of the windows of the star … And in 2019, Alla Borisovna was fined 6,000 rubles because of the fence around the dacha, which prevented local residents from accessing the water.

However, in recent years it has been quiet and calm here: only Nikita Presnyakov and his wife Alena Krasnova appeared at the dacha in Istra, and even then not every day. Last year, the couple left for the United States, where the Diva’s grandson is trying to build a career out of the famous grandmother’s shadow. Presnyakov claims that he is forced to work hard to support himself and his wife; he now he does not sing, but shoots videos for celebrities abroad. Apparently $3 million for the Prima Donna’s grandson would now go a long way…

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