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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Putin discussed with Travnikov the development of the Novosibirsk region KXan 36 Daily News

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 05:47:00

This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with the governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov, which took place via video link.

“Novosibirsk Oblast is among the leaders in many respects, all parameters are quite valuable and satisfactory,” Putin stressed.

The socio-economic development of the region in terms of key indicators really exceeds the average figures for Russia, Travnikov noted. “Thus, the economy of our region in terms of GDP (gross regional product – note” RG “) for five years, excluding inflation at comparable prices, has grown by more than 11 percent, the growth of industrial production during this period amounted to – again in comparable prices – 122 8 percent”, he said.

The Novosibirsk region also has record volumes of investment attraction – 330 billion rubles. “This is twice as much as in 2017, then it was 175 billion rubles,” the governor emphasized. And thanks to this, the revenue side of the consolidated budget also doubled during this period, the governor noted.

The region’s economy also reacted calmly to the sanctions. “We have a highly diversified industry, without dependence on individual industries. The sanctions have practically not affected the labor market situation, it is stable, unemployment has even decreased, and there are still staff shortages in almost all industries,” Travnikov said. .

On the other hand, the governor referred to the assistance to the mobilized residents of the region and their families, about how the region supports the special operation.

“Since the beginning of the special operation, our companies, businessmen and just residents actively helped the Armed Forces. We also help volunteers in the spring, providing them with uniforms and complete equipment. In addition, we provide custom units from the Novosibirsk region , who were part of the 3rd Army Corps,” Travnikov said. The same support is given to Siberians who entered the units as part of partial mobilization.

“Since late spring, starting in June, we began to make decisions to provide additional social support to military personnel and families. It’s not just about such sad events as deaths, injuries, we make additional payments from the regional budget to fighters of named units”, Travnikov listed. In addition, the families of mobilized children receive compensation for housing and communal services, children receive free school meals, regardless of grade, up to grade 11, and expenses for attendance at kindergartens.

Travnikov also told Putin about the projects being implemented in the region, in particular, about the Tolmachevo airport development program. “Tolmachevo is developing as a large interregional hub in the Asian part of the country and in strict compliance with its instructions – the development of the route network outside the Moscow aviation hub,” he said.

The President, in turn, promised to instruct the Cabinet of Ministers to consider the development of the Tolmachevo airport, as well as the construction of the eastern ring road of Novosibirsk and the reconstruction of the Irtysh highway.

Separately, Putin instructed the governor of the Novosibirsk region to step up the fight against tuberculosis in the region, as well as pay attention to school infrastructure. “You quite accurately and rightly said that positive changes are taking place in the health sector. This is especially true for the provision of high-tech assistance, including in the direction of the fight against cancer, and good plans for the implementation of projects for the development of the health system in the countryside, but there is a moment that I would like to draw attention to, it is the need to strengthen the fight against tuberculosis, you are probably aware of this, and more attention should be paid to it attention to this, of course,” said the head of state.

Putin also drew attention to the problem of second shifts at school. “There are also issues directly related to the area of ​​responsibility of both the region and the municipalities. I mean the safety of the school infrastructure, after all, there is still work to be done here. Almost 30% of the schools should work today in two shifts, and I ask you to dedicate this special attention to it,” the President instructed.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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