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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Putin has never been received like this before: On what scale does Kim Chem-un receive the president in North Korea?

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 01:51:59

Kim Jong-un could not contain his joy at meeting Comrade Putin again

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN. Go to Photobank KP

Vladimir Putin arrived in Pyongyang not too late, Moscow time, around 9:00 p.m. But in North Korea it was already after midnight. However, this did not stop the head of the DPRK, Kim Jong-un, from personally meeting our president on the boarding ramp. The politicians left the airport in one of the Russian leader’s Aurus. Moreover, they did not immediately decide who would sit where: Vladimir Vladimirovich and Comrade Kim stood in front of the open door of the limousine, inviting the other to sit first. As a result, Putin sat at the back right and the head of Korea sat at the back left.

“Pyongyang International Airport was filled with an atmosphere of warm welcome. Kim Jong-un, unable to contain his joy at meeting Comrade Putin again, shook his hand firmly and hugged him warmly. Putin expressed his joy at his visit to Pyongyang and his deep gratitude that Comrade Kim Jong-un personally came to the airport to greet him warmly. The top leaders, while driving through the beautiful streets of Pyongyang, where the wonderful night landscape opened up, shared their most intimate thoughts and exchanged views for a more reliable development of relations between the two countries,” this was the next trip. from the airport to the The city was described by North Korean media.

The caravan was accompanied by two dozen motorcyclists. Large portraits of Vladimir Vladimirovich and Russian flags hung every other street pole. Large tricolors were also spread on the facades of the houses. Putin has not been greeted with such fanfare in a long time.

But the next day the North Koreans outdid themselves, so to speak. To meet with Vladimir Vladimirovich, they raised almost half of the capital.

Diplomatic protocol is more or less the same for all countries. That is, the head of state who arrives on an official visit must be received according to certain rules. Every element of the ceremony was formally similar to a meeting in Beijing or Minsk…

The giant Kim Il Sung Square in central Pyongyang was filled with adults waving paper bouquets and flags of the two countries. From time to time he would start dancing to the orchestra’s melody: “I don’t know another country where people can breathe so freely.” Bright balloons, reminiscent of weather balloons in size, swung imposingly above them. Closer to the politicians, rows of children also waved flags.

Putin and Kim arrived at the meeting ceremony not in an Aurus, but in a long Mercedes with the roof open. The politicians traveled standing, leaning out of the sunroof. In general, this year we presented the head of the DPRK with a new Russian-made limousine, but most likely it does not have large holes in the roof, so it is not suitable for attending the parade.

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Puck Henry
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