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Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Putin held a working meeting with the governor of the Moscow region Vorobyov

Date: September 28, 2023 Time: 10:38:52

The Kremlin discussed the state of affairs in the region. Photo: Mikhail Klimentiev / Press Service of the President of the Russian Federation / TASS

The open part of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and the head of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov was not very long, but it passed in a good mood. The president asked leading questions and the governor responded willingly.

– Coming soon on September 1st. How is the Moscow region preparing for the start of the school year? asked the head of state.

– This year, today we already see an increase of 38,000 registrations, that is, an additional contingent of children who will go to school – 38,000. There is still time, so it will be exactly 40, – reported the head of the region.

Vorobyov clarified that the Phystech Lyceum became the flagship, whose students won international Olympiads in physics, biology and astronomy.

Then Vladimir Vladimirovich mentioned the “load on the road network.” In response, the governor thanked the federal support for the Moscow Central Diameters project, when electric trains began to run every 5-10 minutes. And they also thanked Putin for the second project for the construction of flyovers. Because it is no longer possible to use ordinary crossings with frequent trains.

This is what was most discussed at the meeting in the Kremlin:

– In the region they do not stop supporting the families of the NWO soldiers.

– We organized holidays for children who wanted to go to the sea, some of them – 1600 people – to the sea, and 900 people came to us in Litvinovo, this is our children’s camp near Moscow. Like all military families, their children were also able to rest. And everything that concerns the support of families, we try to be as close as possible in each territory of the Moscow region, – Vorobyov assured.

“I hope that, like now, they will personally pay the necessary attention to this, and this will set a good example for other regions as well,” praised the president.

– Waste dumps are being recovered. The federal budget helped with money. The governor said that “today there is no such problem.”

– In the end, Putin asked about emergency housing. The governor responded that all the old programs were completed ahead of schedule. And now the renovation “allows for a completely different pace of housing resettlement.”

– Especially in remote areas, where the economic model is complex, projects such as, again, railway communication, modern highways that allow you to conveniently move around the territory of Moscow and the Moscow region, make these renovation projects very significant and important not only in the vicinity of the Moscow Ring Road, but also at a distance, in the so-called second belt, – explained the head of the Moscow region.


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