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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Putin proposed to increase tax deductions in Russia: how much money will be given and when it will be possible to receive it

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 07:45:32

In terms of the number of applications, social deductions are in the lead. They can also be obtained for medical expenses.

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– I propose to increase the size of the social tax deduction for the cost of educating children from the current 50,000 rubles to 110,000 rubles a year. And in terms of expenses for their own education, as well as for treatment and the purchase of medicines – from 120 to 150 thousand rubles, President Vladimir Putin said in a message to the Federal Assembly.

Recall that in Russia there are several types of tax deductions: property, investment and social. This is the money that the state returns to the taxpayer from their income tax.

The main condition is that the work is official and income tax is paid (personal income tax – 13%). For example, the self-employed and individual entrepreneurs cannot receive tax deductions.

In terms of profitability, property and investment deductions lead the way. They represent about 95% of all payments. And all because the limits there are an order of magnitude higher than the social ones (2 million and 400 thousand rubles, respectively). At the same time, social deductions lead in terms of the number of applications. They can be obtained for the cost of treatment, education, pension savings and sport.

The maximum amount for all social deductions is now 120 thousand rubles. If there are more of these expenses, you will have to choose which ones to report for the deduction and which ones not. Therefore, the state cannot return more than 15.6 thousand rubles (13% of 120 thousand).

The one exception is high-tech healthcare. There are no limits about it. But they will not return more than what you paid to the state as personal income tax (in the calendar year in which you made these expenses).

The expenses for the education of the children go to a separate account. Here you can return 13% only of the amount not exceeding 50 thousand rubles. That is, 6.5 thousand rubles a year.

When will the changes take effect?

Vladimir Putin’s proposal must go through all stages of legislative implementation. Only then will the maximum amount of social deductions be officially increased. In this case, up to 19.5 thousand rubles a year (13% of 150 thousand) can be received for treatment, education, sports and adult pension savings. And for the education of children – up to 14.3 thousand rubles a year (13% of 110 thousand).

True, the specific dates have not yet been determined. Consistent with the practice of past tax changes, they are likely to take effect next year. That is, in January 2024, it will be possible to request deductions of a greater amount, for expenses that were in 2023.

How to apply?

– It is necessary not only to increase the amount of the deduction, but also to increase its demand. To guarantee that the deduction is provided in a proactive, fast and remote manner, not onerous for citizens, the head of state instructed.

The Federal Tax Service is already moving in this direction. Previously, many did not apply for social tax deductions precisely because of the complicated refund procedure. I had to fill out a statement, take it to the tax office, attach all the documents, and then wait four months for several thousand rubles to fall into his account. Many reasonably believed that the game was not worth the money. Now the process is simplified.

First of all, all documents can be submitted online, through the taxpayer’s personal account. Secondly, the terms have been shortened a lot: they are 15 days. And this has already affected the volume of returns. As the head of the Federal Tax Service Daniil Yegorov said in the middle of last year, if for the whole of 2021 the Russians returned 287 billion rubles, then in just half of 2022, refunds amounted to 267 billion rubles.

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