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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Putin to speak to journalists after Russia-Africa forum

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:44:08

Dmitry Peskov. Kirill Kukhmar/TASS

… – We continue to work in St. Petersburg, and the president also continues his contacts on the sidelines of the summit, – said the official representative of the Kremlin on Saturday, July 29. – The day starts again with a marathon of bilateral meetings.

Afterwards, in fact, with all the Heads of State with whom we had multilateral communication yesterday, the President will talk today. (With each individually. – AG)

With the President of South Africa Ramaphosa, the President of the transition period of Burkina Faso Traore, the President of Guinea-Bissau Embalo, the President of the transition period of Mali Goita and the President of the Republic of Congo Sassou Nguesso.

“If time permits,” Peskov noted, “Putin will also speak briefly with our journalists so that once again, in addition to the statement made yesterday, he will summarize the results of the forum.

And in the afternoon, towards the evening, several more events are planned that are no longer related to the summit. The head of state intends to receive the governor of Saint Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, to discuss the development of the city.

In the same place, Vladimir Putin, via videoconference, will meet (talk) with families awarded the Order of Parental Glory.

What are these families?

These are the families, in fact, with whom the president has already met in the Kremlin on June 1, Children’s Day.

And then he invited these families to come to Moscow when it was summer, the weather was good, so that they could just get acquainted with Moscow, everything would be good to see.

And they really came. Such a trip was organized, with children, with relatives. And we saw a lot.

And now the president wants to ask you for sure what are your impressions of visiting the capital.

– You know, – the press secretary underlined, – that the president always pays a lot of attention to large families and highly values ​​the work of parents.

Here is the plan for today.

For tomorrow, probably, you can also say immediately.

On Sunday, Putin will take part in the main naval parade.

And in the Gulf of Finland, in the Kronstadt roadstead, and in the waters of the Neva.

There will also be four African heads of state and five representatives of African countries that participated in the summit.


“Yesterday, you know, the work finished around two in the morning,” the official Kremlin representative also added. – There was a meeting on Ukraine, the statement of Putin and Mr. Ramaphosa, they heard, they were public.

The discussion then took place behind closed doors.

Based on the results of this meeting, a short statement is being prepared – a joint statement, which, as soon as it is agreed, will be issued immediately.


Cyril Ramaphosa – President

African National Congress since December 18, 2017, President of the Republic of South Africa since February 15, 2018

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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