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Saturday, July 13, 2024
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Pyotr Chernyshev, sobbing, his face blackened with pain, against the backdrop of icons next to Zavorotnyuk’s open coffin: he could barely stand, it was impossible to lose weight.

Date: July 13, 2024 Time: 19:49:29

Pyotr Chernyshev could barely stand before the coffin of his beautiful wife Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV.

Pyotr Chernyshev could barely hold on as he said goodbye to his beloved wife Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. He stood against the backdrop of icons near the open coffin with the actress. He shaved his beard. Very thin and very exhausted. The figure skater, who dedicated the last five years of his life to his terminally ill lover, didn’t hold back. Peter wept in silence in front of the tomb. And the people who came to say goodbye to Nastya, seeing her husband, began to cry with him…

Her closest people gathered before the snow-white coffin of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk in the Intercession Monastery. Husband Peter Chernyshev, elderly mother Valentina Borisovna, son Michael, daughter Anna with her husband. Baby Mila, the late actress’s third daughter, was left with a nanny at home.

Peter stayed somewhat away from the family. With his face black with grief, giving all his strength. But he still loves and dearly loves Nastya. And if death separated them, it seems that the souls will remain together forever.

Definitely one day a movie will be made about their love. Zavorotnyuk idolized her husband. And he gave himself completely to her. When the news of the illness broke, the skater worked like a demon. He maintains a huge house, he paid for his wife’s treatment, which somehow cost a huge amount of money. I ran with her through cancer centers and went to Europe to have surgery. She took care of them, she was always there, without making a single comment about what was happening in her family.

The only photo of Anastasia during the five years of her illness that was made public is an image from CCTV cameras in which Peter was caught due to a traffic violation.

It all happened in 2022. In the image, Anastasia’s husband was driving his Mercedes and had a woman in the passenger seat.

Both then and now, fans saw Zavorotnyuk’s recognizable features in the image.

At the same time, many drew attention to the resemblance of the woman in the foreign car to the photo of Zhanna Friske during the period when the singer changed a lot due to glioblastoma. In both cases her nose was sunken and thinned. Apparently, due to the disease, bone tissue becomes softer and can be destroyed. Her face becomes swollen. Eyes – less sunken.

They say that the disease has changed Nastya beyond recognition. At first she gained a lot of weight due to chemotherapy. And at the end of her life she lost weight rapidly and suffered. She was like a feather. She couldn’t walk. She couldn’t move me. Brain cancer was killing her.

Despite this, Peter took care of everything. In the coffin, for the last time, Anastasia lay calm and beautiful.

And Petya was next to him. Her love, her support, her strength. She knew he would survive this blow so she could raise his daughter Mila happily.

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