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Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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Rapper Asya Alizade arrested in Istanbul for drug propaganda

Date: October 4, 2023 Time: 15:08:03

The Istanbul and Anatolia General Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into Asi Alizade, a singer of Azerbaijani origin.

Photo: video frame

On May 27, the main Turkish newspaper Milliyet published a report: “The General Prosecutor’s Office of Istanbul and Anatolia launched an investigation against Asi Alizade, a singer of Azerbaijani origin. She is engaged in rap music in Türkiye. She is accused of promoting drug use in video clips. As part of the investigation, the Istanbul Police Department for Combating Drug Crimes staff studied the clips of Asya Alizade. The investigation revealed that Alizade used phrases like “like marijuana” in one of her videos. After examining the materials, the police team detained Alizade, for whose arrest an arrest warrant was issued, at her house in Atasehir (a satellite city of Istanbul.-Ed.) ”.

In the same place, in the article – video and photo: they take the girl out of her house. So who is Asya Alizade and what happened to her?

In fact, he is of “Azerbaijani origin”, but he grew up in Moscow. When she was a child, she became interested in music and began performing in concerts at school. Then I fell in love with rap and hip-hop, began to shoot videos and post them on Vkontakte. Gradually they became more and more popular. The girl released a joint composition with the popular artist Big Baby Tape, who saw a great future in her: he prophesied that she would soon become the Russian Cardi B or Nicki Minaj. Forbes magazine has just included her in the list of the most promising Russians who have not yet turned 30.

However, Asya can no longer be called a one hundred percent Russian artist. She worked with an American record label, which stopped working with her after CBO’s start. And she moved to Türkiye. Her native language is Azerbaijani, so it was not that difficult for her to master Turkish (they are similar). And in Türkiye, the girl blew up the charts.

But drug propaganda is strictly prohibited in Türkiye. Popular rapper Ezhel, 28, was recently arrested for using banned substances in his lyrics. And now, they say that Alizade may be deported from the country.

However, her friend on social networks writes that there is no talk of deportation yet, although she reports that Alizade is now in the immigration administration. And she will stay there at least until Monday, when the situation clears up somehow.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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