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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Regional partners “RG” – how to grow watermelon in the north – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 24, 2024 Time: 05:35:51

in permafrost

The publication “Vesti-Magadan” reports: Kolyma prospectors grow watermelons and grapes in permafrost. Previously, the products were delivered to the dump where alluvial gold is mined six hundred kilometers from Magadan. Now several greenhouses have been built at the mine, where melons, watermelons and grapes have recently been growing. The immediate plans of northern farmers are to target tropical fruits, pineapples and lemons.

“And peppers, and eggplants, and tomatoes, and zucchini, and onions, and radishes, and various salads, and herbs, and other vegetables – our residents get all this almost all year round,” says agronomist Lyudmila Kuzovova proudly.

In order for watermelons and melons to feel even more comfortable in northern conditions, bumblebees come to work here every day, they were brought specifically for pollination of melons. While the insects sleep, work is done on the beds. Fifty kilograms of cucumbers and the same number of tomatoes are harvested daily. Vegetables are on prospectors’ tables most of the year; in the cold season, the greenhouses are heated by a boiler room.

Entrepreneurial young naturalists

At the other end of the Arctic Circle, in the Murmansk region, they can also boast success in growing watermelons. And not only adults, but also children. According to the newspaper “Evening Murmansk”, in the Kandalaksha district, in the village of Alakurtti, a watermelon has ripened in the greenhouse of school No. 3. This summer berry has been grown here for more than a year. Zucchini, cabbage, carrots, red and black tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, as well as strawberries and blackberries will soon be ripening on the school grounds. Work on the school gardens is in full swing.

Alakurtti’s young naturalists are not far behind their peers in the village of Koashva. Here, on the school site, there is also a greenhouse in which young naturalists, under the guidance of their mentor Irina Alexandrovna Loginova, grew six varieties of watermelons. “We tried, we tried, and it worked!” – the guys happily report on their success.

which variety is better

The well-known amateur vegetable grower from the Far East Igor Lyadov shared his experience of growing watermelons in local conditions with his compatriots on the pages of the Far Eastern Komsomolsk newspaper.

“Watermelons are the most unpretentious culture, a plant for the lazy,” says Igor Vladimirovich. – They are easier to grow than cucumbers! Because they don’t require watering at all, they grow freely and mature on their own. In the conditions of the Far East, they enter full maturity no earlier than the beginning and middle of August. Those watermelons that are brought to us before this date, supposedly from Primorye, are a hoax. Also, summers in Primorye are even cooler than ours, even though we live much further north. The most reliable variety of watermelon is Crimson Sweet from the Dutch selection. Its peculiarity is a stable yield and a fairly early ripening period – 70-80 days from germination, and if there are a lot of sunny days, then even earlier. I plant 20 Crimson plants on my plot and harvest up to half a ton of crops.

Previously, the Ogonyok, Kholodok, Malyshok varieties were popular. But they were licensed to Americans, and now they are sold to us under the name Sugar Baby. Although it is considered ultra-early, it is inferior to Crimson. From July 20, our gardeners can harvest watermelons. The technology is simple, I share my experience.

Issues April 20-25 I go to my garden plot and prepare a bed for a watermelon. Since autumn, it has been well fertilized with humus, kemira, ammophos, diammophos, these fertilizers retain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium well. Then I spread a black film on the bed, it warms the floor well. At the end of April and beginning of May, seeds can already be sown. Two or three seeds per hole, because the seeds never fully germinate. I deepen about 2-3 centimeters. Again I cover with a film. When the takes go, I just cut the film. The distance between the watermelons should not be less than one and a half meters.

If two plants sprout in one hole, this is permissible, if there are three of them, I cut off the extra shoot with scissors. It is advisable to leave one plant per hole.

How to plant a watermelon – do not water. It pumps moisture towards itself like a pump. The drier the land, the more sugar accumulates. And if you water, more acid will accumulate.

In our conditions, watermelon does not produce three or four fruits per plant. Two or three watermelons in the first wave, the second wave starts in mid-August. Therefore, you can collect watermelons from July to October. On average, 20-30 kg per plant. From ten square meters up to 300 kg can be collected. You get a very profitable crop!

siberian giant

At the traditional August exhibition “Garden. Garden. Cottage” Irkutsk gardeners and gardeners share their experience, conduct master classes, give lectures, sell seeds and seedlings and, of course, try out exhibits. The newspaper “Irkutsk” told about last year’s exhibition, where amateur vegetable growers presented many masterpieces.

The president of the club “Zharok” Valentina Urnysheva amazed the visitors with huge watermelons. The weight of one, the Siberian giant variety, reached 10 kilograms! According to the gardener, this is far from the limit.

– I had to take it off for the exhibition, otherwise it would still grow, – Valentina Ivanovna smiles. – In total, I planted six varieties of watermelons and they grow in my greenhouse along with cucumbers.

They do not cause any particular discomfort.

Perm is no worse than Astrakhan

During the Great Patriotic War, schoolchildren from the Kama village of Obvinsky grew 82 ripe watermelons in the garden, without a greenhouse, according to printed sources.

They succeeded because they knew the trick: if the seeds of southern plants are germinated in the dark, this will speed up ripening. Modern vegetable growers Nadezhda Bikmaeva and her daughter Ekaterina use this “secret” and successfully grow watermelons in her garden in the village of Kizva, Sivinsky District, Perm Territory. Last year, the harvest turned out to be record, the striped berries weighed 10-13 kg each, were bright red in color and sweet when cut, they were not inferior to Astrakhan counterparts in any parameters. This was reported by the Perm newspaper “Zvezda”.

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