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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Relaxing in front of the television speeds up old age three times as much

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 04:13:26

It turned out that those who hang out in front of the TV are less likely to live to be 70 years old in good physical shape.

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Relaxing in front of the television on the couch shortens the years of active life, accelerating old age. As tempting as it may be to sit or lie in front of the TV all weekend or all night, you definitely shouldn’t make this form of relaxation a regular thing. This is convincingly demonstrated by a new study by scientists from China, Austria and the United States, published in the medical journal JAMA.

Researchers studied the relationship between the health and habits of more than 45,000 healthcare workers over 20 years. It turned out that those who hang out in front of the TV are less likely to live to 70 years old in good physical shape, without chronic diseases and of sound mind. Why did a harmless habit suddenly become destructive?

It’s not just the obvious argument: sitting in front of a screen, a person rejects physical activity. What kind of jogging if the series has the most dramatic moment?!

– Those who watch television are more likely to consume fast food. There is no time to be distracted by cooking and you feel lazy; It’s easier to order everything directly to the door of your apartment.

– It is proven that when we are distracted by watching a video, we eat more than our body needs. Because of this, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight leads to serious chronic diseases: hypertension, diabetes, etc.

– An enthusiastic viewer gradually loses his social connections. Why go out and meet friends? The exciting world of television shows awaits you at home. And you can just call your friends via video chat or even just write messages.

– Then sleep is disturbed, because often the most interesting things are shown closer to midnight. Or it is difficult to fall asleep after seeing bright images on the screen.

As a result, after several years of this “hobby”, a person finds himself firmly stuck on the sofa at home, with excess weight, metabolic disorders, muscle weakness, bad mood, etc. I no longer have the strength, health or motivation to return to an active life. Thus, an “innocent habit” accelerates aging, triggering three of its most important mechanisms at the same time: lack of movement and lack of strong social connections, excess of inadequate nutrition and lack of sleep.

How to be? Is it possible to break this vicious circle?

“Replacing screen time with light physical activity, moderate to vigorous exercise, or even just sleep is associated with better chances of healthy aging,” said Dr. Molina Vanga, assistant professor in the School’s department of epidemiology. of Public Sciences at Harvard. Health.

Is it scary and uncomfortable to go to the gym because you have to show off your poor physical shape? At first, it is quite possible to do without it.

Imagine that even one hour a day in which you decide not to sit in front of a screen, but rather actively participate in household chores, increases your chances of living a healthy life over 70 by 8%. Vacuuming, washing floors, windows, cleaning tiles: all this is a good physical activity to get moving. The joy of exercise arises in movement.

Instead of clicking through the channels, spend another extra hour getting regular sleep, especially if you spend less than the recommended seven or eight hours a day in bed. It will also help you live a healthier and more energetic old age.


It is better to start new habits in pairs.

Oksana Drapkina, general practitioner, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, recommends changing your family lifestyle:

– Success increases 2 to 2.5 times if you do it together with your spouse. This is due to the simultaneous change in daily habits and psychological support to maintain motivation.

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