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Monday, March 20, 2023
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REO: the collection of payments for waste collection in 2022 reached 91.6% – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 18:11:01

“We analyze the data that regenerative operators regularly provide us about the collection of payments. And we see how over the years the situation has changed despite all the difficulties faced by regional operators, either due to a pandemic or access problems to personal data. If in 2019, then in 2022 the collection rate was 77.7% and already 91.6% in 2022. And in the Ural Federal District this figure is even higher: 96.9% 78.9% The total amount of funds received in the accounts of regenerative operators amounted to 234.9 billion rubles,” said Denis Butsaev, General Director of REO.

The increase in fundraising amounted to 34.3% compared to the same period in 2021. The increase in the amounts of invoices and funds collected is due to the start of activities of regional operators in Moscow and St. Petersburg

“The institute of regenerators began operating in Russia in 2019. To date, 284 zones of activity of regional operators have been identified in the country, where 182 regional operators operate to provide waste collection services to the population. with collection, and does not exceed 50%, while most regenerators have a collection rate of more than 90%, and therefore, in general, the activity of the institute of regional operators in the Russian Federation is assessed as stable”. said Evgeny Karelov, Deputy Director General for Regional Development and Infrastructure of the REO.

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Ecology, Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Alexander Kogan also drew attention to the fact that it is difficult to achieve 100% collection of payments, but the situation can be improved with the early entry into force of the extended update. producer responsibility mechanism.

“Debtors were, are and will be. 100% collectability is difficult to achieve. The reasons are different: someone got into a difficult life situation, someone simply forgot to pay on time, someone expresses protest in this way. And, However, the dynamics of collection of payments for waste removal is positive: if two years ago they collected 85.7%, now the figure is already 91.6%.

Another thing is that the waste management industry is only developing, it is necessary to actively create new facilities for sorting, processing and disposal. In this situation, the shortage of 21.5 billion rubles is a very serious inhibiting factor.

It is necessary to bring the collection rate at least to the level of other utility bills, at least up to 95%. In addition, we must ensure that the EPR mechanism is fully operational as soon as possible. Its essence is that the manufacturer or importer of goods is obliged to dispose of the products produced or imported into the country at the end of their life cycle, or pay an increased environmental tax. This is another source of financing so that not only citizens, but also producers are involved in the formation of waste management infrastructure,” said Alexander Kogan.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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