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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Repentance or another “warm-up”? Elena Blinovskaya closed all the marathons.

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 10:28:26

The ‘wishmaster’ who was put on trial gave an intriguing pause

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

The headliner of multiple business conferences, a student of Tony Robbins, the author of personal growth courses, the most popular blogger and graduate of a construction school, Elena Blinovskaya, was arrested in April this year on suspicion of evasion taxes, money laundering. on an especially large scale “or other property acquired by a person as a result of his committing a crime” (part 2 of article 198, paragraph “b” of part 4 of article 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The amount was called cosmic: with an official profit of more than 300 million rubles, according to Forbes, the tax authorities found Blinovskaya’s non-payment in the amount of more than 918 million rubles! The 41-year-old internet star was detained almost in the woods, in the Smolensk region, on the border with Belarus, where she tried to force her way through for no reason.

Elena was often called a fraudster and even a “90s belch”, but such accusations did not go beyond the limits of the Internet – only investigators of the RF Investigative Committee managed to substantiate Blinovskaya’s illegal activities. The blogger was placed under house arrest and denied access to the Internet. However, incomprehensibly, ads about fundraising continued to appear on Elena’s accounts anyway. Subscribers were shocked and perplexed: was it really that even a serious criminal case could not stop her, or was it the inertial effect of a chicken with its head cut off? Or maybe a form of media kleptomania?

KP has already written in detail how and why a new generation of rich people has been formed in Russia and how crazy money blogger moms earn, who then order artists of any level for their birthday, up to Lube and Philip Kirkorov. So, Blinovskaya’s income, which fed gullible subscribers with advice about “successful success”, although phenomenal, is not entirely sensational. Surely the Public Treasury and the special services, which have firmly seized the bloggers, have to learn a lot of interesting things.

Another thing is funny: now Elena Blinovskaya, after four months of investigation, has closed all her “activities” for soft extortion of money from the population. On July 13, subscribers noted that it is no longer possible to pay for webinars, courses and marathons on the official Blinovskaya website. When clicking on the payment link, the site gives an error. Maybe a technical glitch? Suddenly, everyone considered it a symbolic gesture or even a step towards a new life.

Although the actual suspension of courses occurred back in May of this year -then Elena’s “products” could be paid for-, but then nothing happened, the client was left on the waiting list.

And it’s not even that Blinovskaya has already promised to cover up “wish marathons” in early 2022 after a scandalous interview with Ksenia Sobchak. And even earlier, in 2020, she claimed that her energy would soon be closed to new business.

“I am at the peak, and my course is not going to turn off now,” Elena wrote then on social networks. “But I already feel like this mission is letting me go, and for the next year everything I do will morph into at least…that I won’t be around for this. How to be even more precise, I don’t know.

The question is, how long will Blinovskaya last this time? There is a strong suspicion that the “failure” and “closing” of all marathons is just a misleading “warm-up”. Bloggers resort to this technique when they need to raise interest in the upcoming course: they artificially escalate and escalate the intrigue, the special value of the “product” that they have already prepared, or not yet, or want to release, or have not yet decided. In a word, he manipulates and cheaply pressures psychology. A naive audience easily swallows the bait and begins to persuade the guru to still give a little more successful advice for success and the fulfillment of desires; after all, they are so exclusive and unique (saving money, counting income, washing hands before eating, giving up fast food, etc.)! And at the climax, having collected, of course, a tribute from the faithful public, the “opinion leader” nevertheless shoots a new, super-motivating course. Not like all the previous ninety-nine are the same.

It is difficult to get rid of the underlying feeling that this awaits all of us after Blinovskaya solves the problems with taxes and receives permission from RF IC investigators to use social networks. We can see a new special course “How to restart life and start everything from a blank form of the Federal Tax Service.” Or: “Wish marathon in action: from under arrest to kings. Return of the Queen. Or: “Media business errors when filing a tax return.” Many options.

Well, if not, then the situation with an unpaid billion rubles to the treasury can really play a crucial role in the life of a graduate of a construction school.

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