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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Residents of a burned three-story house in Yalta were ordered to demolish it at their own expense KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 02:09:36

“We lived as one big friendly family, but not without a black sheep,” Larisa Petrova told the RG correspondent.

According to her, one of the apartments was rented by a young woman who was drinking. Drinking parties, brawls, scandals were commonplace. The residents complained to the district police officer, but to no avail. And that night, at about 10:00 p.m., the tenant Natalya (not her real name) entered the kitchen, where there was a gas leak, and she decided to smoke.

“The explosion was so strong that the wooden ceiling of the upper floor collapsed on the kitchen, Natalya jumped from the kitchen onto the stairs, and my husband ran into their apartment and took two small children with him,” Larisa said. The fire started instantly. On the morning of December 31, people on the ashes collected the surviving things.

– Those who had nowhere to live were accommodated at the Hotel Avangard. The conditions there are spartan: two beds in a little room and a nightstand. Who has relatives, transfers them to them. I live with my mother-in-law, there is not even hot water here, ”says Petrova.

The owners of the burned down apartments were paid 150,000 rubles each. Residents whose apartments were flooded with water during the firefight received 50 thousand each.

The torches had not yet had time to cool down, when on the same day the city council decided to demolish a three-story house. Photo: Sergey Vinnik / RG

But the most interesting thing started later. The victims of the fire were surprised to learn that on the day of the fire, an expert from Krymskaya Expertise LLC examined his house from the attic to the basement. He allegedly was in Yalta that day and managed to inspect the house before the fire or extinguished it together with the fire brigade, because they finished their work in the morning. The expert declared the house in emergency. On the same day, the Yalta mayor’s office adopted resolution N 4531-p “On recognition of an apartment building N 23 on Tavricheskaya street in the city of Yalta as an emergency and subject to demolition.” Both documents are dated the day of the fire, December 30, 2021.

The mayor’s office ordered the owners of apartments and non-residential premises to demolish the house by December 31, 2026. Otherwise, the Yalta administration will do it itself, and the land will go to the city. There is not a word in the resolution on providing the owners of burned-out apartments with other housing. They promise to give apartments only to those who lived in the house under a social labor contract.

– So, after all, in our house all the apartments, except one, were privatized, – says a resident of the house, Irina Sukhomlinova. – When the house was on fire, the mayor came to the fire, promised in front of the cameras that they would give us all housing, although not in a new fund, but at least they would not leave us on the street. But they did nothing.

Irina Valentinovna herself now lives in a shed next to the house. She doesn’t want to get out of there.

– We have a good and quiet area, called Tea Hill, all the city authorities live nearby, – says Irina. – It is impossible to build skyscrapers in this place, there is a landslide under us, well, they are building anyway. They put a nine-story building nearby. And they put their eyes on our site.

This is the expensive Yalta land plot, which the developers have already taken care of, the victims of the fire are safe. Hence the speed of the real estate expert together with the municipal officials. The land under the house, which is almost 21 acres, was registered by residents with a state law in Ukrainian times, but for some reason it turned out to have no borders in the cadastre.

– Our documents on the ground in the mayor’s office all the time lost, then found, – said Irina. – After all, most of our residents are seniors, it’s hard for us to compete.

The victims of the house fire 23 on Tavricheskaya were not included in the list of people on the waiting list for emergency housing resettlement. And, according to your information, there are already six thousand families in this queue, not counting those who are out of the queue.

“We had a family with three children, so they were put on the waiting list to be relocated from emergency housing,” adds another resident of the burned house, Valentina Tarasenko. – But it is not known when their turn will come.

The owners of two non-residential premises filed a lawsuit to overturn the council’s decision to demolish the house. Some of the residents supported them, they intend to independently restore housing.

– We do not discuss the state of emergency of the house, but we want it not to be demolished, but to give us the right to carry out reconstruction, – said Larisa Eliseeva, who decided to sue the mayor’s office. “Let’s rebuild the house on our own, that’s all.”

The Court of First Instance and the Supreme Court of Crimea sided with the Yalta City Council. Now the claim is in the appeal instance of the Krasnodar Territory. The victims of the fire are afraid that they will not only not be given an apartment, but also will be imposed a debt for the demolition of the house.

– They showed me a certificate stating that the book value of our entire building was estimated at 6,725 rubles. I just lost my speech when I saw such a sum, – says Larisa Evseeva. – That is, people will be compensated based on this cost of the building, and the land will simply be confiscated? Left on the street, people still have to pay for the demolition of the building.

In the housing policy department of the Yalta administration, RG confirmed that the emergency housing resettlement program included apartment buildings that were recognized as emergency until 2017. House 23 on Tavricheskaya is promised to be included in the new version of the program when accepted.

“Under this program, landlords will be entitled to receive the redemption value of an apartment or relocation to a well-equipped residential building, and residents of municipal apartments will be relocated,” the department said.

Meanwhile, the Yalta mayor’s office has developed a flat plan of the burned-out house on Tavricheskaya and sent it to the Crimean Ministry of Housing and Utilities. Likewise, the mayor’s office reported that no one prevents apartment owners from rehabilitating their burnt-out homes on their own. To do this, they must hold a general assembly and decide what should be done in the house on fire, revision or reconstruction. Previously, a new technical inspection of the building must be carried out. In addition, the mayor’s office will monitor the implementation of this plan.

“It is not true that the authorities do not support this method of resettlement of emergency housing, because the residents of another building, building B on Kievskaya Street, 36, implemented such a plan,” Evgenia Bavykina, first deputy head of the Yalta administration he told RG. – They at the owners’ meeting decided to review the local burnt on the second floor. The redevelopment was financed by the owner of non-residential premises on the first floor, and the residents financed the current repairs of their apartments. It is possible if you want.

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