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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Residents of Bashkiria complain to the State Housing and Construction Supervision Authority about poor quality of services – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 02:11:56

Arthur Ramilevich, we know that the number of requests that owners send you is off the charts. How do we deal with such an influx and what worries our residents most?

Arthur Davletshin: Last year we received 22,000 applications, since the beginning of this year – more than 10,000, half of them in the city of Ufa. It is clear that as soon as some of the benefits of civilization disappear (light, water or gas), people immediately begin to sound the alarm and, if they cannot quickly solve the problem, they turn to us to protect their rights. We check the information and make sure we take action.

More than 60% of the questions refer to the poor quality of housing services, such as an elevator that does not work, lack of repairs in the house, etc. 17% – complaints about excessive charges, 15% – poor quality utilities, 7% – reconstruction of utility networks and redevelopment, 3% of complaints are received within the framework of construction supervision.

We have 106 inspectors, of which 70 are dedicated to supervising homes and the rest to construction. Of course, everyone has a heavy workload, but we must consider requests within 30 days. In addition, we are responsible for preventive and control measures. In any case, we do not leave any complaint unattended and we bring the problem to resolution.

Are utility companies always to blame if the utility networks and the home itself are badly worn? And how to find a management company for such a problematic house?

Arthur Davletshin: The foundations are often worn out, but if the company takes the business seriously and with all responsibility, it is possible to keep the house in good condition.

The MKDs abandoned by the management companies are a problem for the municipality. The city or district administration must hold a competition and appoint an organization that will provide services to this housing stock. No one has canceled social responsibility: if you receive income from other houses, take it as a burden. A law on the guarantor management company is scheduled to be adopted at the end of the year. These will be the ones who will take care of the houses in poor condition and those whose owners do not want to meet and solve problems together.

By the way, if the owners are really inert, they don’t go to meetings, they don’t want to invest in common property, what should they do?

Arthur Davletshin: The problem really exists. After all, anything can happen in a house: sometimes the roof leaks, sometimes the entrances need to be repaired, sometimes the garden. Decisions on all these issues must be made at a general meeting. Current legislation provides for face-to-face, face-to-face and absentee meetings, as it is often difficult to bring people together. For example, you can express your opinion in a special vote and it will be taken into account when counting the votes. Well, digitalization has not spared the housing and communal services sector either. Since 2023, the “Home of State Services” application has been actively implemented, where you can not only pay bills, but also solve problems of your apartment building. To use it, all you need is a smartphone and Internet access.

How developed is the institution of home elders in the republic? Do they help you solve problems? Which is the most active?

Arthur Davletshin: There was a time when the famous social activist Anatoly Dubovsky created the Center for Public Control in the Field of Housing and Communal Services in Bashkiria. He organized branches of the center in all municipalities and its participants simply became elders of the house. We can say that the movement has acquired quite a notable diffusion. I myself began to work on supervising housing construction in the Southern District of the Republic of Bashkortostan: I headed the territorial department, supervised three city districts and nine municipal districts. So the most active elders in the houses were in Salavat. A very strong group of people: they met once a month at the State House of Culture, where I came, and we resolved urgent issues. They still write to me. Of course, these people are necessary. Problems are solved where there is dialogue. Even their appeals are not complaints, but concrete proposals.

Why today, when buying a house, the owner must, so to speak, visit various resource and utility supply organizations in different parts of the city, so to speak, to transfer personal accounts to himself. Why is this happening in the era of digitalization?

Arthur Davletshin: I also totally disagree with this. The State Information System on Housing and Communal Services is currently being actively implemented and I believe that thanks to it we will reach the point where the data will be transferred automatically when the owner changes.

Are there many people today who want to obtain a license to manage residential buildings?

Arthur Davletshin: Yes, they exist, because now it is enough to create an LLC, come to us and pass a qualification exam, and that’s it, the license is in your pocket. We constantly take the initiative to amend the legislation in the field of licensing activities for the management of apartment buildings, we talk about the need to tighten the requirements for obtaining a license, take into account the experience of the director of the managing organization in the housing and communal sector. service sector, the availability of specialists specialized in the organization, equipment, office, etc.

At the same time, I would like to remind you that the license is not issued for an indefinite period, but for five years. In 2023, we will not renew them for around 324 companies in the republic due to lack of mandatory information in the Housing Information System and violation of license requirements. .

Are there fines for such violations?

Arthur Davletshin: During the reform of control and supervision activities, we focused on professional events. If before they were fined immediately, now a warning is first issued as part of preventive measures, then, in case of recurrence or non-elimination of the violation, a control and supervisory measure is carried out, as a result of which issues an order. It is issued to eliminate the identified violations with a deadline for their elimination and a protocol on the administrative violation is drawn up.

Conduct raids on patio sites. What is your general impression?

Arthur Davletshin: We hold such events on behalf of the Head of the Republic of Belarus, Radiy Khabirov, this is his instruction, because the safety of children is the most important thing. More than 800 playgrounds located on the territory of apartment buildings have already been inspected. About 300 were in abnormal conditions: there was garbage lying somewhere, broken game elements, sharp objects, broken and all this was not safe for children. After the raids, we wrote comments to the municipality and the Penal Code to eliminate the violations. If the violation is repeated, the service organization will be sanctioned with a fine. We often inspect playgrounds together with the Prosecutor’s Office. We are united on this issue.

Key question

A department of the State Committee of the Republic of Belarus for Supervision of Housing Construction appeared at the Institute of Architecture and Construction of the USPTU. Are you preparing injections for yourself?

Arthur Davletshin: In fact, we have created a basic department of the State Committee of the Republic of Belarus for Housing and Construction Supervision and a corporate master’s degree in “Construction control and examination of capital construction projects.” There are cheap places and specific areas. Today there is such a need. We have a core of specialists, but they need to increase their shift and the number of tasks is increasing. I myself am an associate professor of the department, I teach there, as does the staff of the state committee. And, of course, we carry out career guidance among students and invite them to join us. In general, those who have completed the training will be able to lead construction control management in any relevant organisation.

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