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Thursday, June 1, 2023
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“Restoring ligaments so as not to destroy more microphones”: Leps rests in Thailand with a girl

Date: June 1, 2023 Time: 19:19:51

Grigory Leps.

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Grigory Leps flew to Thailand on vacation to recover his strength and vocal cords after a scandalous concert in St. Petersburg in December last year. The artist spoke about it on social networks. On his page, the musician posted photos taken in Phuket.

“We are resting and restoring ligaments so as not to further destroy the microphones,” Grigory signed the images. The artist also congratulated the fans on the Epiphany.

The artist is on vacation in Thailand. Photo: social networks.

Recall that during a concert in St. Petersburg on December 3, 2022, Leps performed one of his hits, but stopped, shook his head, gave a thumbs up to the audience, forcefully threw the microphone to the floor and went backstage. Later, the musician said that the concert did not go as planned.

In vacation photos, Leps poses topless. In the fall, he lost ten kilograms, so now he can boast a toned figure. Much more than the artist’s bare chest, however, subscribers were interested in the reflection in the window behind him. Apparently, at the resort, Gregory rests not alone, but with a partner. In any case, a pretty dark-haired girl was reflected in the glass, photographing the artist with a mobile phone.

The glass reflected a girl photographing the artist with a mobile phone. Photo: social networks.

The singer can well afford to rest in the company of women. In 2021, the musician unexpectedly divorced his wife Anna Shaplykova after 20 years of married life. Fans were sure that the ex-spouses would reconcile and get back together, but this did not happen. However, Leps and his ex-wife still live in the neighborhood: Anna with the children-in her family’s house, Grigory-in the mansion he once gave to the production center. The singer, even after the divorce, does not stop taking care of his ex-wife. He takes an active part in raising children and helps the family financially.

The artist was credited with novels with TV presenters Yana Koshkina and Yulia Baranovskaya. They say that it was because of them that the artist’s marriage broke up. One way or another, apparently Gregory did not get along with his wife for the last year after the divorce, but he, too, is in no hurry to announce new relationships.

The divorce and the scandal in St. Petersburg did not in the least affect the sky-high fees of the artist. According to the organizers of the concerts. Leps is now the highest paid musician in Russian show business. For speaking at corporate parties, he charges 120 thousand euros (almost 9 million rubles). And it is that, according to the producers, the tickets for his concerts are always sold out with a full room.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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