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Friday, January 27, 2023
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RG experts explained how to start a car in severe frost KXan 36 Daily News

Date: January 27, 2023 Time: 14:56:05

It’s not that antifreeze

As a general rule, it is impossible to start a car when it is cold because the battery is dead. It does not produce the current needed to start the motor.

However, there are other reasons why the car should not even be started when cold. As the general director of the test laboratory told the RG correspondent, parallel imports of cars from the United Arab Emirates, South Korea and China began to come to our market recently.

While dealers sold such cars, everything was prepared in them for operation in our climate. But when cars are directly imported, it is necessary to take into account climatic features. Antifreeze or antifreeze, which is poured into the engine cooling system, may not be entirely correlated with our climate. As a rule, they fill liquids designed for an external temperature of -10 degrees. We have – – 40.

Antifreeze or antifreeze at temperatures below -10 degrees, it turns into ice crystals. Even when heated, the engine will not be able to melt them all over the car. As a result, ice jams will occur, and the engine will simply overheat. And this is his review. Therefore, the first thing that a person who has bought a car from southern countries through parallel imports should do is replace the coolant with one that meets Russian conditions. And if this has not been done, then it is better not to start the car. It will cost too much.

batteries are different

But back to the batteries. They are different. The old ones may not have a charge. They need to recharge. As a rule, in this case, the car can be started from another car. You can use a launcher. There are many of them on the market. I pulled two wires, turned it on, and then it all depends on the mileage. I drove a lot, the battery was charged. It is not enough, you will have to use this device again.

But not every car can be started with such a device, starting from another car, as well as from a bootloader. According to Yuri Parkhomenko, the Japanese almost all give such an opportunity. Germans and Americans are not all. Its electronics calculate an additional external energy flow. They believe that the car is charging, and therefore they simply block the possibility of starting the engine.

By the way, the so-called helium batteries began to be in great demand. But keep in mind that it is the helium battery that is designed for motorcycles. Its peculiarity is that in the event of an accident, when the motorcycle falls, no electrolyte is spilled from it. Yes, such batteries retain a charge well, but they do not willingly give it up. The reactions in it are longer. Therefore, in winter, such a battery is unlikely to help start the car. But there are batteries with AGM technology. They are much more expensive, but they emit current in the required amount and power, regardless of weather conditions.

Do not remove the battery

However, if there is normal antifreeze in the car, but the problem is in the dead battery, then you can also start it, taking into account all the listed possible problems. But you should not use completely non-recommended actions.

When starting from another car, you need to increase the number of revolutions. At the very least, charging for two cars is not enough. You just need to press the accelerator in the donor car. Starting a car with a dead battery is not immediately worth it. Let the battery warm up a bit and recharge.

Some citizens move the battery from one car to another. But after it starts, they remove a good battery and put the old one back. With the engine running. This is absolutely not worth doing.

As Yury Parkhomenko explained, in this situation, the diode bridge of the generator can simply burn out. That will require some pretty expensive repairs. You won’t get very far in a car like this.

and other liquids

Often engine oil becomes an obstacle to starting the engine. It may be too high a viscosity. All oils are designated by a certain set of numbers and letters. For example, 5W40. Pay attention to the first number. 5W is a normal oil for central Russia. But for a car in Yakutia, 0W is required. It is true that it costs much more.

And of course you need to choose the right gas stations. This is especially true for diesel vehicles. If you are not lucky with a diesel engine, you can start the car only in a car service. Preheating devices will also help, but remember that in residential areas it is forbidden to heat the car for more than five minutes. This requirement is established in the Traffic Regulations. And even the punishment for its violation is provided for in the Code of Administrative Offenses. The fine is 1.5 thousand rubles, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg – 3 thousand rubles. But few people are punished for it. It is difficult to collect evidence base. After all, it takes more than five minutes to photograph a car driving in a residential area.

on the accelerator

You also need to understand that cars with automatic transmissions, CVTs and other robots will not start from the pushrod. The boxes are simply not designed to transfer torque from the wheels to the engine. Most likely, with such an experiment, the box will simply be damaged and require expensive repairs.

Starting a car with a dead battery from a pusher, or stretching it on a trailer, is possible only with a manual transmission. To do this, the car will first need to disperse, and then turn on second or third gear. And if you can only push in reverse, then reverse.


To start the car cold, you must:

Make sure the antifreeze and antifreeze are appropriate for the temperature. The battery is charged. The car can be started with an external device. Only a car with a manual transmission can be started with a pushrod.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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