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Monday, March 20, 2023
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RIA Novosti: A battalion of Ukrainian prisoners of war was formed in the DPR KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 20, 2023 Time: 19:29:23

According to him, he decided to create a battalion of Ukrainians after seeing that the kyiv regime did not need its own people. “When the Ukrainian authorities were supposed to protect their people, they simply abandoned them. And seeing all this, I had the opportunity to pay tribute,” Tishchenko said.

Now there are about 70 people in the battalion, 95 percent of them are former servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with combat experience. And the division will recover. Now the fighters are going through the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship. As soon as they receive the passports and sign a contract, they will immediately go to a training camp.

“The guys from the battalion are in a fighting mood, they are ready, there is no one who agreed and then changed their mind,” Tishchenko added.

He clarified that the main selection criteria for the battalion are the moral and physical condition of the volunteers. At the same time, each of them must be checked for a tendency to crime.

Remember that Ukrainian prisoners of war have repeatedly spoken about the indifference and criminal attitude of the commanders of the Armed Forces of Ukraine towards the soldiers. So, according to one of the fighters, the commander of the unit where he served, “treated the infantry like garbage.” Other POWs reported being left at the front lines without food or water, kept in the dark, and intimidated by their commanders about “atrocities” in Russian captivity, all stories about which turned out to be lies.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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