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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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RIA Novosti: Russian kamikaze drones to be sent to front line from single hub KXan 36 Daily News

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 16:02:19

According to him, “Privet-82” has a rather long range, and therefore it cannot be based not on the line of contact, but in the rear. “That is, the launch of the UAV is carried out 15-20 kilometers from the front line from the launch point, which can serve several units at the same time,” Zhernov said.

He noted that from this center it will be possible to send several kamikaze drones to a specific unit at once. And if there is only one operator in the unit, then he will be able to apply them one by one, and if there are more, then it will be possible to make a coordinated attack on one or more targets. There is also the option to transfer control of the drone from one operator to another when the Privet-82 reaches the unit’s area of ​​operation.

But it will not be possible to change the course in flight from the launch point to the advanced device – it passes this section of the route in complete radio silence and with the video transmitter turned off so that the enemy cannot intercept it, Zhernov explained.

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“Privet-82” – aircraft-type kamikaze drone. The range of its flight can reach 30 kilometers. Takeoff – automatic, from a catapult. Flight speed – up to 140 kilometers per hour horizontal, in a dive – up to 160.

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