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Monday, December 11, 2023
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Rich, lives in the USA: Anfisa Chekhova spoke about her beloved man and possible emigration

Date: December 11, 2023 Time: 09:39:08

Anfisa Chekhov. Photo: social networks.

Anfisa Chekhova recently returned from a trip to the United States and Mexico. The 45-year-old TV host spent her vacation in Miami and Cancun with her beloved man. If earlier Anfisa flatly refused to talk about her mistress, now she opened up and answered subscribers’ questions about her young lady.

“I returned to Moscow. And, as always, she fell into hibernation. Jet lay down will torment me for two weeks. But I can’t relax, there’s a lot of work, so I’ll sleep on the go. He had a lot of live questions about America, Mexico, the Bahamas. The questions are the most repetitive. There is no time and energy to answer everyone, so under this post, ask everything you wanted to know, ”wrote the TV presenter on social networks.

It turned out that her subscribers are not interested in the details of the trip at all, but in the personality of the mysterious boyfriend of the TV star. Earlier, in an interview, Anfisa admitted that she had been in a relationship for three years. And only now the TV presenter said that her chosen one lives and works in the United States. He is successful and wealthy, and he has no intention of leaving the United States for Anfisa.

“My friend lives and works in the United States, he will not go to Moscow,” Chekhova wrote.

One of the subscribers asked if the television presenter intended to emigrate to the United States. In response, Anfisa said that she had not yet decided to move.

“My plans largely depend on where my loved one will be living. It is unlikely that I will move somewhere alone, ”Anfisa said.

According to her, she stays in the US for a long time, but she did not try to live there alone. At the same time, Anfisa herself emphasized that she felt quite comfortable in Russia.

“This is my homeland, come what may,” said the TV presenter.

Anfisa spent the New Year holidays with her beloved man in Mexico. Photo: social networks.

Previously on the show “You won’t believe it!” Anfisa told why the beloved man does not call her to marry. Despite the fact that their relationship has been going on for three years, the television presenter has not received a marriage proposal. Also, according to Anfisa, her relationship with a mysterious lover cannot be called strong.

“We broke up, then we got back together. Marriage should be called when a man understands that a woman will answer him: “Yes.” And I remain a mystery,” said Chekhova.

Anfisa added that she herself is in no hurry to turn their long-distance romance into family life. According to Anfisa, in her life there was already an unsuccessful experience of marriage, when life killed romance. She now feels free and can not only travel safely, but also change her place of residence.

Remember that earlier Chekhova was married to actor Guram Bablishvili. They divorced in 2017 after eight years of relationship. The artists put a stamp in her passport in 2015, but in the end their official marriage lasted only two years. The couple managed to maintain friendly feelings for the sake of Solomon’s son.

Anfisa told reporters that they divorced because of Guram’s betrayals. Moreover, they wanted completely different things: Bablishvili dreamed of living in Georgia, and Anfisa wanted to travel the world.

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