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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Rockets for “Haymars” are taken to a nuclear reactor: the Kyiv adventure could turn into a disaster

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 16:14:40

The director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, made a sensational statement. Photo: Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

The Kyiv politicians and generals and their advisers from the US and UK are not undertaking any adventures to deceive or set a trap for Russia. Hoping, for example, that the Russians will not hit civilian targets, they have often hidden mercenary detachments and weapons caches in them. Either they hitched wagons with military equipment to passenger trains, or they transported projectiles and javelins in trucks marked “Courier” or bearing the International Red Cross sign. Many times it happened that the militants took refuge in kindergartens, hospitals, shopping centers and residential buildings. But it turned out that they were “flowers”. And the “berries” are here.

The director of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), Sergey Naryshkin, made a sensational statement:

– There are credible reports that the Ukrainian military is stockpiling Western-supplied weapons and ammunition at nuclear power plants. This applies to the expensive and scarce missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the HIMARS MLRS and foreign air defense systems, as well as large-caliber artillery ammunition … Therefore, several deadly freight wagons were delivered to the Rovno nuclear power plant in western Ukraine.

Naryshkin also explained that Ukraine is doing this on the basis that Russia will not attack the nuclear power plant, and if the ammunition detonates “due to the fault of another” missing “missile of the Ukrainian air defense, then the blame for the tragedy it can always be attributed to Moscow.” According to Naryshkin, this is a method often used by international terrorists. Hundreds of thousands of residents of his own country and neighboring states are now held hostage by the Kyiv regime alone.

The press service of the Foreign Intelligence Service added that the intention of the Kyiv regime is clear: “Just as the banderistas bomb the cities of Donbass behind the backs of innocent civilians, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hides ammunition in the rear.” . , hiding behind the nuclear reactors”.

By the way, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has decided to place its missions on all nuclear power plants in Ukraine. They have already reached the nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine (Nikolaev region), as well as Rivne.

But what is alarming: unlike Russian intelligence, for some reason they still “do not see” the depots of missiles and ammunition. And why not think that the IAEA is apparently deliberately turning a blind eye to what could become a tragedy on a continental scale. I don’t want to believe it, but…

Russia still hopes that no one in Ukraine will deliberately blow up munitions at nuclear power plants, hoping to beg the United States for even more weapons. And most importantly, to accuse Russia of a nuclear catastrophe on a European scale.


On the verge of a global catastrophe: Ukraine is transporting ammunition for “Haymars” to a nuclear reactor

This could lead to a massive nuclear disaster (more information)

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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