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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Roman Kostomarov entered his main battle, the price of which is life.

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 11:03:38

Figure skater Roman Kostomarov

Photo: Daniil OPARIN

Roman Kostomarov is currently in a coma. According to the latest data, the doctors managed to cope with gangrene, the skater underwent various blood purification procedures to stop sepsis. After that, an important decision was made.

Roman Kostomarov began to gradually withdraw from the state of medical sleep, into which he was placed after two hits. “They put him in a drug-induced sleep for 72 hours. Now there is a long ‘wake up’ stage. It takes two days to a week,” a Sport24 source quoted.

Surrounded by stars, they say that now the skater’s time has come. “Until he fully awakens, it is impossible to draw conclusions. The doctors are waiting and monitoring his condition,” say the informants.

It is worth noting that blood purification is a very important procedure. “Only one procedure works well: hemodialysis. During this procedure, toxic elements of metabolic products are removed from the body and water and electrolyte balances are normalized. Hemodialysis does not prevent new complications, but fights existing ones,” he said Dr. Lev Averbakh.

In turn, a close friend of Román said that the skater has “another fight, probably the most important in life.” “Many put candles and pray, others just hold their fists. Sincere participation should not be public, ostentatious. Strength and patience Rome, Oksana Domnina, the whole great family of Rome, hold on,” TASS quotes the two-time world champion ice dance Maxim Stavisky.

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