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Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Rosario Mohedano Sentences Rocio Carrasco: “She Has Behaved Badly With Me”

Date: June 8, 2023 Time: 12:00:45

She was one of the few allies she had left in her media family.

When Rocío Carrasco had her daughter featured in a documentary, many members of her media family were behind her. When she went public with accusations about one of the few to support her, that person turned on her. Since then, the daughter of Rosa Benito and Amador Mohedano has called for an end to what she calls Carrasco’s “publicity” through social media. In response, Carrasco has launched a new attack against her cousin from her official Twitter account.

“The documentary begins by talking about me, saying that he gets along well with me and that he loves my children and values my tenacity. When I hear stories that are far from reality, I tell her, and everything changes. I love her a lot, and she’s also been through hell with Anthony David Flores,” says Rosario Mohedano in her defense of herself against criticism from Rocío Carrasco’s defenders.

“Who was the witness named by my cousin? You’re not?” Rosario Mohedano asks as she takes a stand. Her voice is sharp with frustration, and her body language is aggressive. “You’re the ones who attack my children because she doesn’t have hers. That’s not what I did! I did what I could on that issue, now let me live my life and if you don’t like it then live yours.”

It is then that Rocío Jurado’s niece bursts out, and assures that she has always behaved well with her cousin, despite feeling as if she was not reciprocated. In addition, he states that he still does not understand Rocío Carrasco’s reasons for distancing from him and from the entire media family. “That I have behaved badly with her? Why? Why do you think she says I’ve been mean to her? I’m still waiting for her to give me a reason. However, I can say that she has behaved badly with me and with her entire family, and I refer myself to the evidence,” she slides on Twitter.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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