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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Rosgvardeyts defused a “bomb under the slate” on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 17:42:00

Photo: press service of the Russian Guard.

When carrying out combat missions on the territory of the Luhansk People’s Republic, the National Guard noticed a pothole covered with slate on the asphalt.

“In compliance with all security measures, the Russian Guard demining team examined the suspicious object. Under the board was a self-made explosive device of pressure action, stuffed with TNT chips with a total weight of up to one kilogram, ”the Russian Guard press service reports.

Photo: press service of the Russian Guard.

The National Guard destroyed a dangerous “bomb under the blackboard”. Keep in mind that such surprises can await military personnel anywhere.

Photo: press service of the Russian Guard.

Photo: press service of the Russian Guard.

Photo: press service of the Russian Guard.

Here is some advice from those familiar with such finds:

– The machine gun or pistol found must be completely disassembled. The plastic can be in a cartridge that is placed on a spring and the explosives can end up in the gas outlet tube of the machine. There may also be explosives in the ammunition magazine. An explosion can occur both when its spring is compressed by cartridges, and when the horn is completely empty.

– Under the dead and wounded, as well as under a sheet of paper on the floor, there may be booby traps. The glove compartments and trunks of abandoned cars are mined, streamers are placed on roads and sidewalks. Porch steps, wells, pumps, stoves are mined in village houses.

– If the ends of a rag, rope or wire stick out of a closed door on one side, then on the other side a grenade can hang in a loop in a combat platoon.

– No grenades should be picked up on the way. They may have a broken retarder in the fuse, and such a grenade, when used, can explode on a direct throw to the hand or overhead.

– Found cartridges, containers for foreign grenade launchers may contain explosives.

– Plastic and electric detonators can be found in radios, televisions, coffee makers, air conditioners, fans, telephones.

– In the premises, untidy premises, remains of fresh plaster, concrete, whitewash, violation of the integrity of the masonry or concrete monolith, partial painting of walls, floors, fresh paint, remains of containers or packaging of explosives, cut insulation of any the wires should be alarming.

– If the area is not explored, it is worth poking through the tropics in front of you with a thin twig; you may not notice the fishing line.

– You cannot approach checkpoints, not even your own, from the forest. You cannot go to the toilet behind the roadblocks. The accesses to them are mined.

– When driving a combat vehicle, you cannot go around road obstacles along the side of the road. In the potholes in the asphalt you can hide the contacts of a land mine. When the vehicle in front explodes, you should not leave your own, since other land mines can work nearby with a slowdown.

– When following a tank (BMP) with a trawl, you cannot sit on the frontal armor.

– Do not approach a burning vehicle, since the ammunition can explode in it.

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