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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Russia and China have created an alliance that seriously threatens the power of the US: dozens of countries unite against hegemony

Date: June 25, 2024 Time: 13:58:40

At a recent meeting in Cape Town, the Foreign Ministers of the BRICS countries (from right to left) Subramaniam Jaishankar (India), Sergey Lavrov (Russia), Naledi Pandor (South Africa), Mauro Vieira (Brazil), Ma Zhaoxu (First Vice Foreign Minister of China) confirmed their willingness to their states to increase cooperation within the association. Photo: press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation / TASS


To understand why the United States is so extremely hostile to the BRICS association and its rapid expansion, the American political scientist George Friedman helps a lot. The founder and head of the think tank Stratfor (also called the “private CIA”), a patent imperialist and Russophobe, explains in his books that the principle of “divide and rule” allows the United States to maintain its power and its role as the world hegemony country. .

Photo: Dmitry POLUKHIN

Nothing new: this old custom of the Anglo-Saxons, allowed them for many centuries to control the course of events on almost all continents. Friedman, to his credit, acknowledges and justifies this with the most cynical revelation. In his book The Next Decade, published thirteen years ago, he gave his forecast of world development for the period 2011-2021, providing specific recommendations for American leaders on how to maintain world dominance. To control India and prevent it from challenging the Americans in the seas, it is necessary to support and strengthen its adversary: ​​Pakistan. This will force Indian leaders to focus on protecting land lines, not shipping lanes. “If India feels perfectly secure, it will not serve American interests,” Friedman concludes.

In Latin America, he confesses in his book, the United States, while maintaining friendly relations with Brazil, must contribute in every possible way to strengthening Argentina as the only counterweight to the Brazilians. In the Middle East, he proposes continuing to support either Iraq or Iran, as the Americans did in the 1980s, dragging out the war between these countries, but “taking steps so that neither side is defeated.”


And now let’s see which of the countries pointed out by Friedman, in relation to which the United States should follow a “strategy to maintain a balance of power”, are already in the BRICS or are about to join. India and Brazil are co-founders of the association. Pakistan and Argentina (its counterweights, which should play in the interests of the Americans) are about to enter. Iran and Iraq, which are also no more than counterweights to Washington, are among those who wish to do so. What do you get? And it will be impossible to play these states against each other, and this, according to Friedman, is the main means of “preventing the emergence of regional hegemonies that threaten US interests.” And after that, how will Washington treat the BRICS, except with such hostility that “I can’t eat”?


In fact, never after the collapse of the USSR did a global project emerge that really threatened the Western-centric world and the global “rules” imposed by it on all other global “rules”. Separately, neither China nor Russia could issue such a challenge. And they didn’t until recently. And there is no need to talk about other “developing countries”. True, there were stubborn – the leader of Libya Gaddafi, for example. And what did the West do with it? Significantly killed under the vile “Wow!” Hillary Clinton. And literally in recent years and even months there has been a real rush of people wanting to join the BRICS, an association that does not consider itself a bloc and emphasizes that it is not directed against anyone. Which is the reason?

The West, led by the United States, is the main, as marketers would say, “promoter” of the BRICS. This was especially evident in his fierce fight with Russia, which did not dare to accept the role assigned to it as an “international patient.” The logic is simple: if the United States, seeing a threat to its interests from a nuclear power, nevertheless provokes it into open military conflict and then bombards it with all sorts of sanctions, including grenades, then what? what will happen to a nation more modest country if it dares to oppose the americans? If you will, such a massive desire to join the BRICS, which has been asked to officially join or not join some 30 states, including those very notable for their economic potential and military capabilities, is a kind of formation of a ” world militia”. against the frank unwillingness shown by the West to loosen the reins of global governance.


It is clear that the process of enlargement and strengthening of the BRICS, which, as already mentioned, will take place at the next summit in South Africa in August, will not be easy or fast. But the main direction is clear and shared by all states that wish to join this association: a just new world order based on the recognition of sovereignty and the real equality of all countries and peoples. This already contains a clear message: the current American “rules-based world order” is no longer valid. And the changes will continue and have already begun in the search for an alternative to the dollar, which the United States has turned into a punitive weapon, to the financial system, building egalitarian and mutually beneficial relationships in which there are no leaders or followers, as in almost all current western structures, where real inequality is thickly smeared with “Freedom and Democracy” propaganda dust. An enlarged BRICS will be able to solve global problems such as ecology and the distribution of vital resources fairly and in the interests of all, and not only of the “golden billion”.

Photo: Dmitry POLUKHIN

It is clear that the path for the BRICS will be thorny. But there is no doubt: the direction of the movement is marked and it clearly does not coincide with where the West wants to drag the world. Revolutionary change? Why not. If only without blood and violence. But it already depends on whether the West realizes that its time to divide and conquer is over. How did Friedman write thirteen years ago? “The conflicts must take place somewhere far away and not pose a threat to the territory of imperial power. In general, the United States has reached such a position. So that’s why they’re hysterical now.

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