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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Russia and the United Arab Emirates are considering the possibility of jointly creating an unmanned attack helicopter KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 21, 2023 Time: 17:41:01

But we are talking about the Russian-Emirati concept of an unmanned attack helicopter of the Phenom scheme, the development of which is the responsibility of JSC Rosoboronexport and Tavazun. The helicopter is presented in the form of a full-scale mockup with a complete set of airborne weapons and aviation weapons mockups.

Representatives of the UAE company explained to a Status-Arms correspondent that the main task of the current stage of the joint program is to analyze the potential market for a promising helicopter. The developers have provided for the possibility of its use to attack ground targets, providing air support for assault units, main battle tanks and air targets, including UAVs.

Helicopter take-off weight – 2300 kg, payload weight – 1000 kg, maximum flight range – 850 km, cruising speed – 230 km/h, maximum speed – 260 km/h, flight altitude – up to 5500 m, flight duration – 5 hours.

A gyro-stabilized multichannel optical-electronic station is installed in the nose of the helicopter. Containers with unguided aircraft missiles are installed on pylons under the wing consoles. On the starboard side is a retractable aircraft cannon with a load of shell ammunition. It is assumed that the composition of the armament on board can be modified to meet customer requirements.

It can be added that if we had not closed the project of the single-seat Ka-50 “Black Shark”, then, quite possibly, we would already have our own original attack helicopter-robot. After all, it was conceived as the first step towards creating an unmanned helicopter. And all the prerequisites for this were. But for some reason, the military did not see any prospects in the robotization of helicopter technology. Instead, they insisted on turning the “Jaws” single into a “Crocodile” double. Now, perhaps, with the joint efforts of Russian and UAE specialists, a robotic helicopter will still appear. It is characteristic that black predominates in the coloring of the “Phenom”, as in the Ka-50.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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