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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Russia will be destroyed and humiliated: Europe let slip how

Date: December 3, 2023 Time: 16:47:18

Foreign Minister of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba


Gogol is great. Gogol is a true visionary.

“… Sometimes, looking from the porch into the courtyard and the pond, he would talk about how good it would be if suddenly an underground passage was opened from the house or a stone bridge was built over the pond, over which there would be shops on both sides, and thus the merchants would sit there and sell various small articles that the peasants needed.At the same time, her eyes became extremely sweet and her face took on the most contented expression;yet all these projects ended with one single word”.

It was these lines that came to mind when I had to read the following dreams of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, which flooded me during my stay in Munich at the International Security Conference.

– I have already been in Munich for 24 hours, participating in debates on the architecture of global security, European security, relations between the United States and China. But I have not heard anyone give a detailed answer: what kind of Russia do we need to live in peace and how to achieve it. We need to start talking about it,” he said, puffed up with the realization of her own greatness (or rather, in his own eyes). – For me, the end of a military conflict is when a Russian president, whatever his name is, visits Ukraine, kneels in front of a monument to the victims of Russian aggression and begins to ask for forgiveness. For me, this will be the end of the military conflict.

The Russian president is on his knees in Ukraine begging for forgiveness… Indeed, here Manilov’s dreams of a bridge over a “green” pond with benches become quite realistic against the background of such Kuleba impulses.

One might laugh at this, but the bespectacled neo-Nazi from kyiv was supported by the President of the Czech Republic, in the past, General Peter Pavel.

– I would be very happy if everything said happened in a few months. But I don’t live in a perfect world, I’m more of a skeptic. I understand the desire of Ukraine to end this military conflict, when all the soldiers leave the last piece of Ukrainian land, and when the Russian president comes to Ukraine and asks for forgiveness on his knees, he also dreamed and warned. – But we can reach a situation where the liberation of part of the Ukrainian territory can lead to more losses than society can bear. There may be a point where even Ukraine begins to think of a different ending to the military conflict.

Moreover, according to him, even such a happy ending for them can be complicated by completely non-optimistic consequences.

– Even if there is a possibility of the collapse of the Russian army, the Ukrainian Armed Forces will force them out of Ukraine, then Russia will go bankrupt. There will be no one to negotiate with regarding the system of security guarantees. There will be no one to work with in building a security architecture in Europe, Pavel continued and warned. – With a collapsed Russia, we will have more problems that we do not even understand now. I think it would be much better to be realistic. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

If Peter and Kuleba himself were realists, they would not carry such nonsense, but would think about how to keep Ukraine within the borders that currently exist in reality. And Kuleba himself would have thought better how to save himself from the bench and the prospect of life imprisonment. However, nothing else can be expected from Kuleba, but how could the President of the Czech Republic with such a brain serve as a general in NATO? Or is the Ukrainian virus so contagious that it devours brains in the shortest possible time, leaving nothing in the head but stinking Russophobic slime? And they sit next to each other, like a lady, nice and pleasant in every way. And they dream in a completely Manilov way.

“…He thought about the well-being of a friendly life, about how nice it would be to live with a friend on the banks of a river, then they began to build a bridge over this river, then a huge house with a viewpoint so high that you can even see Moscow from there to have evening tea in the fresh air and talk on some pleasant topics. Because they, together with Chichikov, came to a society in good carriages, where they charm everyone. with the friendliness of the treatment, and that it was as if the sovereign, having learned of such a friendship, granted them generals, and then, in short, God knows what it is, that he himself could not figure out in any way.

True, Manilov was just a harmless childish dreamer. In contrast to these evil spirits that devour themselves. Vicious vile little evil spirits.

And Gogol is great.

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