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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Russia will help Africans get rid of the dictates of the West

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 18:27:56

With a visit to Guinea, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, began a trip to the countries of the “Dark Continent”. Photo: Press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia/TASS

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov flew to Guinea (a former French colony) to talk to Guineans about what worries them most. No, it’s not about the French, whom the locals simply call “foti”, which could be translated as “snowball”.

At the airport in the capital of Guinea, Conakry, it is difficult not to notice a large number of leaflets, with large photographs of people and the inscription “Disappeared”. Even though we are in the 21st century, the slave trade still exists in Guinea and neighboring African states. People are kidnapped and sold into slavery.

But the main problem for all of Africa remains the catastrophic shortage of electricity. African states are ready for a technological breakthrough, but there is not enough capacity to produce electricity even in South Africa, where the standard of living in some regions is very high.

It is no coincidence that Africans count on cooperation with Russia. After all, Russian technologies can become a panacea for many African diseases. Literally and figuratively. “We came to discuss a positive agenda,” Lavrov said in Conakry.

Last year, the Minister traveled to Africa four times and visited ten countries. Furthermore, at the end of August 2023 he visited Johannesburg at the 15th BRICS summit, where it was decided to expand the association to 10 countries.

In 2024 it will be the first business trip to Africa for the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. It started in Guinea.

Walk barefoot on gold

There are actually four Guineas in the world. Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea and Republic of Guinea. Lavrov arrived in the fourth.

One third of the world’s bauxite or aluminum ore reserves are found here. In other words, as in many other African countries, the local population literally walks on gold. By the way, English gold guinea coins, which were used until the 19th century, were so called because they were originally minted from gold mined in Guinea. The country also has large reserves of diamonds and uranium.

But despite all this wealth, Guinea remains one of the poorest countries in West Africa. Here a salary of 200 dollars is considered very decent.

When asked how this happened, Lavrov gave his answer: “Today, the task of combating new colonial and neocolonial practices is coming to the fore. The methods of the West have changed, but the essence of Western politics remains the same: subjugating everyone to one’s own will, living at the expense of others, using more sophisticated forms of exploitation.

Memory of the USSR

But it is not so difficult for Guineans to improve the situation. And Russia can help in this. Mutually beneficial cooperation is the best way to address neocolonialism. Included in the field of tourism.

Furthermore, Africans have an incredible ability to learn languages. Most speak three, four or even five fluently. One language is used at home, another at school, a third at work and a fourth in the market. In Guinea alone there are about 30 different languages, not dialects. And then there is French: a colonial legacy.

By the way, Guineans, to put it mildly, do not like the French. But Russians are respected and valued. They simply have good memories of the Soviet past. Many Guineans studied in the USSR. At the same time, in Guinea itself, Soviet doctors treated and Soviet engineers built. It is true that now it is mainly Chinese and Turks who build there.

Russia provided significant assistance to Guinea at the height of the pandemic. And not just vital vaccine supplies. In a short time, a mobile hospital and laboratories were deployed.

Fried grasshopper dinner

Guinea may appeal to those who value off-the-beaten-path travel, luxury packaged hotels, and Indiana Jones-style adventures. Fragile bridges made of vines, poisonous snakes trying to climb into the tent, fried grasshoppers for dinner, dusty roads and rusty vehicles with non-working appliances – all this is Guinea without frills. Uncompromising and tough, but at the same time mysterious and beautiful.

Lavrov and his delegation, however, were not able to experience all these pleasures of life in the African way. The business trip to fairyland lasted only 12 hours. During this time, our minister held negotiations with the head of the local Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morissand Kouyaté. First one by one and then in expanded format. He met with the President of the Transitional Period of Guinea, Mamadi Doumbouya. And, of course, he answered questions from the media.

It is true that the authorities went too far with security measures. In the room where our delegation was located, 15 machine gunners were on duty. And during the search at the presidential palace, they took everything from the journalists: phones, voice recorders and even the television cameramen’s cameras. It was a unique press conference in which none of the journalists wrote anything down. But the mood of the speakers was positive.

“Guinea remains a friend of Russia,” Minister Kouyaté stated after the negotiations. – We have no disagreements or discrepancies.



1. You must be vaccinated against yellow fever (it is mandatory for entry). Vaccinations against typhoid fever and hepatitis A will also not be superfluous.

2. The only thing that will save you from malaria is an anti-mask net on the bed and a large amount of all kinds of mosquito repellents. But there is still no 100% guarantee. Almost all local residents suffered from malaria.

3. It is best to go to Guinea in December or January, it is not too hot. And it practically doesn’t rain.

4. International health insurance in Guinea is practically useless. It is recommended to bring extra money on your trip in case you need medical attention. In any case, it is better not to get sick.

5. There are good hotels in Guinea’s capital, Conakry, but there is little interest in the city itself. It is better to hire a driver and go inland, where it is much more beautiful. If you have the opportunity and the time, go to the island of Los, there are fabulous beaches there.

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