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Friday, June 9, 2023
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Russian Cosmonauts Unfurled a Copy of the Victory Banner in an Open Space

Date: June 9, 2023 Time: 14:30:32

A Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Artemiev, and his partner, Denis Matveev, who are currently onboard the International Space Station (ISS), unfurled a copy of the flag of victory in the Great Patriotic War on the Nauka module during a spacewalk.

Last Friday, an idea was floated of taking a copy of the Victory Banner into outer space on the eve of Victory Day. This initiative was supported at all levels in Roscosmos, according to Roskosmos.

Finally, at 17:58 Moscow Time, the spacewalk began. Artemiev and Matveev were joined by two other Russian spacewalkers in preparation for the installation of the remote manipulator. They were guided along by cosmonaut Sergei Korsakov from inside the station.

Artemiev and Matveev have already done five EVA missions combined, so this flight is no hardship for them. Even though this is the second launch in the day according to their schedule, this is the fourth one for Matveev according to his own count. Don’t forget that the previous launch didn’t happen until April 18th, making this the second outing out of seven for Artemiev.

Kevin Kennedy
Kevin Kennedy
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