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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Russian Defense Minister Shoigu approved an order on social payments to all mobilized – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 17:18:39

The annex to the order clarifies that payments to those mobilized are due “from the day they are appointed to a military position until the day they are relieved of it, inclusive.”

In the event that those mobilized decide to remain in military service and enter into a contract with the Ministry of Defense, payments will be made until the day the decision on the contract enters into force. The amount of the social payment for an incomplete calendar month in this case will be determined “in proportion to the number of days served during said month.”

In the future, the serviceman will receive a monetary allowance already as a contract soldier.

The order also determines that the social payment is accumulated simultaneously with the payment of allowances to the military for the current month, and in December, until the 25th.

It was previously reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin set a monthly social payment of 158,000 rubles for the mobilized military.

It makes up the majority of cash payments. The total amount should be 195 thousand rubles and not be subject to income tax.

The fact is that the salaries of those mobilized should not be less than those of contract soldiers. But they, of course, are not entitled to payment for seniority and some others. Therefore, it was decided to add a monthly social payment to the salary for the title and position, as well as to various allowances, in order to bring the monetary allowance to those same 195 thousand rubles. Military financiers calculated that the amount of such social benefits should be equal to 158 thousand rubles.

By the way, private soldiers occupying initial military posts have the right to count on such an amount. Sergeants and officers should get more.

Additionally, those mobilized receive bonuses from the regions. For example, in Moscow an additional payment of 50,000 rubles per month is established in addition to the federal monetary allowance.

The military mobilized with money are credited to the current account. If he wishes, they can be transferred to relatives, for this the military must issue a power of attorney. In addition, it is possible to issue an additional bank card linked to the same current account that the military previously presented.

It is worth remembering that, in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation “On the announcement of partial mobilization in the Russian Federation”, the mobilized are assigned the status of military personnel performing military service under contract. This means that they are entitled to absolutely all the same privileges. It is, first of all, benefits when paying for housing and communal services and free travel.

The mobilized and their families are also entitled to vacation credit. In the event of death, declaration of death or recognition as a group 1 invalid in relation to participation in a special operation, the credit obligations of the mobilized person or members of his family are extinguished.

In addition, conscription for mobilization is not a basis for dismissal of an employee under article 83 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. For the entire period of service, the employment contract is suspended with the conservation of the place and position.

The regional authorities have the right to establish their own support measures for the mobilized and their families. These can be additional payments, provision of land, tax benefits.

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Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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