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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Russian drone armed with microwave missile to hunt KXan drones 36 Daily News

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 03:18:43

An unmanned aerial vehicle for destroying enemy electronic equipment consists of a transport drone and a separate combat load from it, TASS cites a description of the invention. The cylindrical drone, with rudders and retractable folding wings inside the body, sits in a transport and launch container. The warhead is a detachable rocket projectile with an explosive electromagnetic pulse generator and a remote detonation system.

The drone is equipped with optical and infrared cameras, a GLONASS navigation system, a solar battery, an electric motor and a pusher propeller with folding blades. At the rear of the case is a solid propellant upper stage.

You are supposed to launch a drone in an area where the enemy uses drones or electronic means. The solid propellant motor drives the device above the flight altitude of enemy UAVs and disengages. The wings unfold, the electric motor is turned on, and the drone begins horizontal flight. Thanks to the solar battery, it can patrol for a long time, simultaneously transmitting air and ground conditions to the control point.

Having found a target, the drone approaches it as quickly as possible, including due to the rate of descent, and, on command from the control center, launches a warhead. When he reaches defeat distance, the electromagnetic pulse generator is undermined. High-powered radiation is formed, destroying the enemy drone’s elemental base. Generator shards deal additional damage.

The drone can be used to combat both individual drones and their swarms, according to the patent documentation. Delivery of the cargo close to the target ensures the safety of friendly electronic devices. The drone can be used repeatedly: after completing the task, return to the base point and parachute down.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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