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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Russian fighter who seized an American armored vehicle: “Our BMP-3 saves lives, and your Bradleys are fancy garbage”

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 21:23:42

The fighter Leshy, who captured Bradley in battle, compared Russian and Western weapons.


The commander of the detachment of the assault group of the Kerch detachment, the 42 division, with the call sign Leshy, who captured the American Bradley, went on the morning air of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda and gave his assessments.


– What can you tell us about the capture of the Bradleys?

– The fight was before. One Bradley was lightly struck and caught fire, and the crew abandoned it. The enemy withdrew and we were confronted by enemy artillery.

– How many enemies were there?

– There were two Bradleys, each with a crew of 3-4, plus there should be 6 troops per vehicle. Only about 15-20 fighters.

– And you drove them all?

– Well, one “bradley” burned clean, and in the other there was slight damage. Against the background of this, a video was recorded.

– So, there are two Bradleys recaptured from the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

– Yes. The burned remains in the gray zone, smoking.


– How often do you go to battle now?

– Group every day. Personally, I don’t know now: I was slightly injured, I’m lying in a safe place, for a few more days. And in the Zaporozhye direction, the intensity of the fighting is now very high. The enemy is actively using Western-supplied cluster munitions, which seriously complicates the operation of our infantry.

– Do you have a lot of imported equipment and weapons?

– Personally, the weapons are more Soviet-made, but the equipment is already more imported.


– Did you really get married in the special operations zone in February?

– He got married, but not in February, but in December. At that time, he had been a volunteer in the NWO zone for several months, and my girlfriend, Ksyusha, talked with our mutual acquaintances, humanitarian workers. They picked up a load for me, and Ksyusha came to me with this load. And I realized that since the girl was following me to the special operations zone, obviously I should marry her. That’s right, she’s decent. This is Love.

– Did you start as a volunteer and then became a volunteer?

– I immediately became a volunteer. I was going to go back to the beginning of the NWO. But then the volunteers were not allowed to go. The military registration and enlistment offices replied that we had a professional contract army, everyone would take care of everything, and there was no need to go there … And then, in September, I was already carrying out tasks in the zone of special operations.

– Is the intensity of hostilities increasing?

– Yes, the enemy tries to attack every day at least somewhere, in small groups. The intensity of the bombardment increased considerably. Especially when it comes to cassettes. When we were standing near Donetsk – this is autumn and early winter – cassettes were prepared for us several times. Now they can easily fire 50 cluster munitions at a single position in one day. This complicates the job a lot.


– A moment ago they reported that cluster munitions are being attacked in the Zaporozhye direction, but it turns out that they have been used for a long time.

– Yes, they were used from the beginning of the New World Order. These are Soviet stockpiles of cluster munitions. They are also developed by us. Another issue is that they were not used in the amounts that are used now. Now, it seems that they simply have a shortage of conventional ammunition and are using cluster munitions.

– Do the Armed Forces of Ukraine really throw into battle very young and untrained soldiers?

– I have not seen very young people in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with my own eyes. But poorly trained, demotivated mobilized, yes. I fought in two directions, Donetsk and Zaporizhia, I constantly compare and have a feeling that the quality of the average ordinary soldier has significantly decreased. But they still have nationalist battalions. There are still good specialists trained in the West. The enemy is still dangerous and has combat-ready units.

– Trained in the West – or are they Western instructors?

I don’t have that kind of intelligence. But I’m sure they were trained in the West, because we wear chevrons indicating European parts.


– Is the counterattack fading?

– It’s too early to talk about it. They talked a lot about our Zaporozhye direction. Has made some progress. But at the same time, one must understand that they suffered huge losses in equipment and manpower.

– Where did they go?

– He tried to advance to this main line of fortified positions. To the “Surovikin Line”. That is, they didn’t even get to the first line of staggered defense built by professionals.

– Where are you fighting?

– We are still somewhere in front of this line. There we simply fought in the trenches, on the plantations. Our potential is enormous. And little by little they unleash their offensive. Personally, it seems to me that now they continue their actions in the Zaporozhye direction more as a distraction. And there will be another massive hit elsewhere.

– Why do you still adhere to this tactic – attacks in small groups?

“They tried to advance with a lot of teams in the early days of the counteroffensive. On my channel there is a photo and video of a helicopter recorded by our division, where they lost two Leopards, five Bradleys and many other machines at once in one place. And everything is at the same crossroads.

– What is the situation now?

– This area is fields and plantations. There is tall grass in the fields. They are constantly mined by both us and them. As soon as, after the rotation, new fighters enter the positions, they immediately undermine everything in front of them. But there are mines from previous fighters. As a result, you can only move on narrow paths. Launch ahead of a mine drag on the team.

– An offensive on a wide front in these conditions is simply physically impossible.

– No.

– How do you rate Bradley?

– Not precisely. I previously served on the BMP-3. It burned, but we’re safe. The BMP-3 is the best vehicle of its class in the world. “Bradley” in comparison with him – the heaped garbage is simple.

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