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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Russian producers traveled to Altai in search of filming locations KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 05:57:57

However, the tour to the Altai Territory, where more than 20 producers from all over the country (Tomsk, Khakassia, Novosibirsk, Bashkiria, St. Petersburg, Moscow, etc.), representatives of the regional and federal Ministry of Culture and heads of commissions arrived films, was organized by APKiT not only, but in conjunction with the Regional Film Support Fund (FPRK). The author of the idea for such a tour is producer Albert Ryabyshev. Of the paintings that he filmed on the Altai locations, one can name the 2019 “Threshold of Pain”. And immediately it is worth mentioning the head of the Altai film commission Alexander Zotin, who organized the trip on behalf of the host .

In addition to the fact that the producers’ field day involved trips around the region, it also included a business program and a special mission. What they are – it follows from the title of the session “Opportunities to organize film production and create a regional film festival in Altai.” The business part was held in Belokurikha, where one of the hotels provided a business hall for round tables. And the mission – the creation of a new festival or kinforum – was also discussed in detail by the participants. We hope that the agreements and measures as a result of the event will not be long in coming.

Photo: Susana Alperina/RG

Among the participants of the APKiT and FPRK field session are Svetlana Frichinskaya, Deputy Director of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Elena Bezrukova – Minister of Culture of the Altai Territory, Olga Zhukova – Executive Director of APKiT , Dmitry Yakunin – Deputy Executive Director of FPRK and others. Among the producers are Eugene Shchedrin, Natalya Klibanova, Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, Armen Ananikyan, Pavel Sarychev, Konstantin Mankovsky and others. Also participating in the visiting session were Vadim Potapov, Deputy Executive Director of the KinoPrime Foundation, Andrey Apostolov, Editor-in-Chief of Lenfilm Studio, Alexander Aleshkovsky, President of the Guild of Film Writers of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Olga Pashayeva , Director of the Regional Publishing House, head of the TV channel ” Katun 24″, and that’s not all.

The program included panel discussions over three days, screenings of films made with the support of the FPRK, as well as the winners of the Short Film Days film festival. At the round table, the title of which coincided with the theme of the session “Opportunities to organize the filming process and develop the festival movement in Altai”, Deputy Minister of Culture of the Altai Territory Alexei Bocharov announced a number of measures to develop cinema. in the region. In particular, he clarified that the volume of refunds (refunds for shooting) in 2023 will be 10 million rubles, the refund rate will be up to 30%.

“For the first year, implementing this project, having gained experience, we expect to increase the volume of refunds next year and are ready to consider increasing the rate to 50%,” Bocharov said.

The film commission, established by the government of the Altai Territory at the beginning of December 2022, will carry out the financial examination of films to select candidates for reimbursement of part of the costs during filming.

The Minister of Culture of the Altai Territory, Elena Bezrukova, took the initiative to hold a Siberian forum under the leadership of the FPRK. “We suggest that session participants consider holding a Siberian film forum under the leadership of the Regional Film Support Fund on a systematic basis in the Altai Territory, including special film presentations and screenings at the event. We are discussing holding such a forum in February 2024 in Belokurikha”, emphasized the head of the regional department.

Photo: Susana Alperina/RG

As for the films, the short film program, winners of the Short Film Days, included films such as “The New Mother”, “It Seems Forever”, “Gennady at the Machine”, “Tears Dropped in Fo-Bo”, ” The old have a place here”, “With me”, “Little brother of the angels”. And the premiere of the almanac film “Scraps” also took place.

On the second day, as part of a special screening of the FPRK documentary program, both premieres and working materials of such films as “The Book of the Steppes”, “Wondermobile”, “Oath”, “Keys to Success” , “Inspirational” and “Made in Siberia” were presented “

And during the trip to the places, the session participants visited the Seminsky Pass, the Turquoise Katun, walked the Chuisky tract, watched how Belokurikha 3 was being built (by the way, there is an unusual monument there – Pepelatsu from Danelia’s film “Kin Dza Dza”.

We also examined the places where the series “Dyatlov Pass” and the film “Pain Threshold” were filmed. And also: the films “Bansu” by Pavel Kostomarov and “Rabies” by Dmitry Dyachenko (they will be released on February 23). The producers were shown the houses where such stars as Alexei Serebryakov (starred in Rabies), Yegor Beroev (Dyatlov Pass) lived. And his stay in Altai has already acquired legends. They also like to tell stories about wolves, which were filmed in the movie “The Rage” last year. Alexander Zotin, general director of the Altai Film Commission, was surprised by the fact that the trained wolves were Hungarians. The same team of specialists worked with them as in “Game of Thrones”.

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