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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Russian scriptwriters learned about e-sports: three projects on this topic will be released soon

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 21:12:32

Photo: still from the film.

“What they won’t write on your Internet!” – Russian scriptwriters and producers suddenly decided to use this meme phrase, which suddenly turned to the topic of electronic sports (the championships of various video games have been held for a long time, they are watched by millions of people on the Internet and on TV and The finals are played in stadiums full of people). In the near future, the viewer will be able to enjoy three almost identical series (even the names rhyme in meaning) dedicated to this topic, based on the same plot. “KP” introduces them to the audience.

Photo: still from the film.


Megademanded in films and television series, Alexander Robak in “Cyberdad” faces a personal midlife crisis – and a family crisis with his wife (Yulia Peresild) – and also his hero, the welder Ignat, cannot find contact with his stepson, so he even decides to do it all seriously, having joined the same cyber team as the boy to “speak the same language.”

Photo: still from the film.

The typical Russian welder (according to the scriptwriters) with the face of a scared bear turns out to be unexpectedly brilliant: he discovers the gift of a sniper and masterfully shoots at the heads of virtual enemies, contributing more and more points to the team’s common treasury. The stepson, of course, immediately begins to respect the “father” (rightly so, in fact).

Where to watch: TNT, Premier


Photo: still from the film.

The star of “Matchmakers” Fyodor Dobronravov, clearly associated among the public with the image of a village idiot (“What are you doing? It doesn’t matter!”), also found himself in an exciting whirlwind of computer twists and turns . . He will play a bored regional civil servant, Viktor Molodtsov, a widower who suddenly decides to establish contact with his (apparently) daughter, who lives and works in Moscow in one of the divisions of the Ministry of Digital Development of the Russian Federation. There they are introducing it into the service.

Photo: still from the film.

Daughter Katya, of course, is very advanced and progressive, and in the context of the Molodtsov mastodon, she is simply Edward Snowden, the ambassador to Moscow. This is what the comedy is based on: the old man finds it unbearably difficult to delve into advanced technologies and the operation of devices, but he does not give up and demonstrates Soviet hardening in the assault on digital heights.

Where to watch: Okko, IVI, Premier, Wink


Photo: still from the film.

The star of “Town” and “Vampires of the Middle Zone” Yuri Stoyanov also fits the project dedicated to cyber adventures. The actor plays pensioner Nikolai Nikolaevich, who decided to sell his apartment and move to New Moscow, but is deceived by a telephone scammer: the criminals stole all his hard-earned money from his grandfather’s card, and he has no more left The 15-year-old granddaughter (of course, who does not have higher education in the specialty “information security”) must track down scammers hiding on the Internet in order to return the money.

Of course, plunging into the shadow world of the Internet, the “mammoth” Nikolai Nikolaevich gets to know his granddaughter from an unexpected side, essentially learning to communicate again. And he also learns how to perform telephone billing tests, download databases, falsify documents and meet with street vendors.

Photo: still from the film.

Where to watch: Okko

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