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Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Russian soldiers destroy “invulnerable” Challenger-2 in Ukraine with “Cornet”: what is known about the threat of Western tanks

Date: October 1, 2023 Time: 01:48:21

London delivered 14 Challenger 2 units to kyiv this year

Photo from: EASTERN NEWS

It seems that our anti-tank crews will soon become the richest participants in a special military operation (SVO). Before the commanders and financiers had time to “unbuckle” the crew of the anti-tank missile system (ATGM) “Kornet” the millions of rubles owed for the British Challenger 2 tank recently shot down near Rabotino, the acting head of the Zaporozhye region, Evgeny Balitsky again announced with joy: our guys have destroyed another combat vehicle of the same type. And again – with the same “Cornet”. In addition, Balitsky said that about seven more Challenger 2 tanks are parked near Stepnogorsk, and the second part is in Orekhov: “Our ‘birds’ see them,” said the acting head of the region.

And if we take into account that London delivered 14 units of the Challenger 2 to Kiev this year (although it promised 28), then the prospects for our soldiers (and not just anti-tank fighters!) becoming millionaires are very impressive. Furthermore, in addition to two Challenger 2s, about 20 German Leopards have already been shot down and burned on the battlefield, and another 14 American Abrams are on the way. So we are waiting, sir.

By the way, the British, led by the new Minister of Defense Grant Shapps, although with clenched teeth, admitted their defeat in reputation (for a long time the Challenger was called invulnerable). What’s more, they did it with a shitty clause. They stated that the tank was destroyed by two artillery hits. They say that the Russians’ weapons are not so hot.

But an unprecedented “betrayal” occurred! A British tank was destroyed by a guided missile fired from a Cornet anti-tank missile system. This was recognized by London’s most loyal allies, the United States experts, who saw the video of the objective monitoring of the “British” defeat.

The first Challenger 2 shot down a few days ago

The Americans came to the conclusion that the accusations of the Russian side about the destruction of a British tank by a Kornet missile were absolutely true. This is indicated by the speed and trajectory of the ammunition.

And this means another big victory for the Russian ATGM.



“Kornet” is a portable anti-tank missile system. Weight – 28 kilograms. It has been in service since 1998, but has been modernized more than once. It received its baptism of fire during the American invasion of Iraq in 2003. Then Russian anti-tank systems (transferred to Iraqi ones) clearly demonstrated their effectiveness against American Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles.

Three years later, Kornet complexes were used against Israeli Merkava IV tanks.

“Kornet” is a portable anti-tank missile system

Photo from: EASTERN NEWS

The anti-tank systems available to the Lebanese Hezbollah movement penetrated the armor of at least two dozen Israeli tanks. Since 2014, captured Kornets have also been very effectively used by militants from the ISIS group (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) to disable Abrams tanks in service with the Iraqi army. In addition, there is information that the Syrian militias used Cornets with great success against the Leopard-2 tanks of the Turkish army.

A special feature of the Russian ATGM missile is its tandem warhead with two profiled charges separated by a motor. This design solution significantly increased the penetration capacity of the ammunition. The larger size of the second charge (compared to the first) makes it effective even if the military equipment is protected by reactive armor.

Russia continues to develop improved versions of the proven ATGM. In particular, the Kornet-EM has a longer attack range, is equipped with an automatic target tracking system and more advanced means of countering reactive armor.

It can be argued that the Russian Kornet ATGM destroys all known types of Western tanks. He is responsible for Abrams, Leopard, Merkava and Challenger. There is still no South Korean K2 Black Panther tank, which is currently entering service in the Polish army. Although this vehicle also has every chance to be included in the Kornet’s combat record, since kyiv hopes that the Poles will transfer the “Koreans” to the Eastern Front.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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